August Eclipse Q&A

Ok, wow!!! Here you go!!!!! Soooo much info for all your questions!!! Enjoy!! Sidenote: I love how there’s an eclipse over the United States in August and I’m going to be in South America. #irony. 

Or Maybe I’m the smart one? Kidding. Don’t worry. 

But it’s going to be really impactful for everyone here in the US especially because it’s hitting Trump’s chart and he is the ruler of the US.

Eclipses are more potent for leaders and so this means a change of events for all of us here will happen over a period of time. 

Question. If I’m not in the US will I still feel it? 

(Good question) 

Answer:  Yes. Eclipses are felt by everyone on earth because it is an energetic change and we are energetic beings. 

There is a major change in the electromagnetic field and everyone can feel the undertones. You may not know it’s the “eclipse” but you will feel up. Down. Hyper. Sad. Emotional. Ungrounded, An urgency for change etc. 

Question: That sounds very vague. How can everyone feel something different? 

Answer:  We all have our own free will and we are all at different levels of consciousness. Someone  may be aware and work through their emotions on a mode practical way more than someone else and these actions change everything. 

On top of that we are all dealing with different life experiences. Someone that is on a beach in Aruba by themselves may not fight as much as the Mom who is home with her 3 kids and losing her shit on a daily basis as well (understood. Praise ye). 

On top of that we all have our own birth chart. Where the eclipse hits your chart is going to impact you differently than someone else. If it hits a planet or angle in your chart then it is going to activate that area of life for you and it means that expression WILL change over the next 6 months and then unfold until a year or more of new maturity and new undertakings.

Question: Does an eclipse hit everyone’s chart?

Answer: No. And thank god for that because if we went through major changes every 6 months our entire life we would lose our shit :). 

Question: It it bad when an eclipse hits your chart? 

Answer: There is no good or bad. This is not fluff. This is an important concept. It’s neither good or bad; it simply means this is a fated event that you signed up for in life to move you along along your spiritual (meaning life)  journey. This is why timing is important. We can sometimes wish and pray all we want but there is timing and a rhythm to the universe and our souls contracts. 

Question: What do you specialize in in astrology and eclipses? 

Answer: I do evolutionary astrology meaning I work with the soul and our karmic journey and our behavioral partterns. I am an energy architect 🙂 

Question: What do eclipses do? 

Answer: If they hit your chart it means that that planet (which is a certain energy) will be be eclipsed. It is time to change how it is used. Sometimes that means a relationship ends. Or a move happens or you finally decide to get married or you get engaged or you work on the deep issues you have been putting off etc. These are just a few examples. 

Sometimes it’s obvious sometimes it’s inner work but it’s always fated events and a turning point in your life where you are meant to move up the spiritual ladder. (Note that can look like a complete 180 in your life or it can look like small steps. We judge what we see and label it as this or that when there is always a bigger picture occurif behind the scenes based on your soul plan not your human mind plan). 

Question: Does this mean something happens exactly on the date of the eclipse, August 21, 2017?

Answer:  No. Do not look for something to happen on that day for everyone. Of course though, because that is when the moon moves in between the earth the light of the sun is “eclipsed” from the earth for a short period of time we will feel the electromagnetic field being altered so our emotions will be altered and we will also feel the collective frenzy but what an eclipse moves for your soul takes time to unfold. There may be a decision that is made building up to this date or after and then over the following 6 months (give or take, nothing with energy is 100% exact) the new energy unfolds and needs to be integrated. Sometimes it takes a year or more for the impact of the eclipse to be fully realized. 

Question: What is the solar eclipse degree? 

Answer: it’s on August 21st at 28/29 degrees of leo 

Question: I’m not a leo does that mean it doesn’t affect me? 

Answer: Not necessarily. We all have leo in our charts somewhere Even if we aren’t a Leo sun. For example I am a Taurus sun and I have Saturn and mars in leo. The last eclipse in February hit exactly on my Saturn and a series of events unfolded and are still unfolded that opened a door for me that was “locked” my entire life. A huge shift occurred and because I can track my chart I went back and studied it which makes 100% sense of my life plan.  (I will discuss this in detail soon). 

Question: How do I see if the eclipses impacts me?

Answer: If you have planets or points within 3-4 degrees of 28 degrees of leo it will impact your life. (Look to it conjuncting it, or opposing it. Then squaring and trining it. This matters) 

Question: Is this the only thing going on in August? 

Answer: No. We have a lunar eclipse on August 7th. Saturn going direct and mercury going retrograde during this eclipse on August 13-sep 5th 

Question: Will all this effect the world and Politics? 

Answer: Yes! This is how we track world events past and present. It’s called mundane astrology. I will mention some things here and there but it’s not my speciality. I specialize in your soul and healing of your personal journey. But there are many great astrologers that specialize in this! 

Question: Will people think that all this craziness is the result of mercury retrograde? 

Answer: Yes. And it will drive me crazy! LOL. It’s not mercury retrograde that is and will create all these emotions and changes. It’s the eclipses. Mercury will be a layer on top of it and definitely add to it and make things a little more hectic which will also delay some things until perhaps end of sep/beginning October but karmic events u fold during MR As well! August is a big turning point for fall and beyond. 

Question: Can I share this? 

Answer: Yes!!! Please quote or tag me or link to my professional page 

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