One of the biggest things I’ve learned and have actually seen unfold time and time again is that LIKE really does attract LIKE. You magnetize people to you who are on the same frequency or that you need to learn lessons from.

If you are both on the same vibration then you will stay there for however long the soul contract is for or your free-will permits and it will coast just like a plane cruising at 35,000 ft. You sit back and relax and you don’t even feel like you’re on it. There of course will be some bumps…some turbulence….but that just comes with the territory. After all, it brings some passion into a relationship.

But if you are not on the same vibration/frequency….it will be a choppy take-off and landing….It’s like mixing oil and water – they just can’t flow together.

If you want more for your life and want true happiness, not the kind that you settle for, then BE the type of person that you’re looking for instead of lowering your vibration to match with people who you know are not on the same path/level as you.

The Universe is just waiting for you to realize your worth and when you do and in divine timing you will attract the right partner to you.

True twin flame love is a love beyond mental concepts – it’s all based on vibration. You can’t think your way into it. Your vibration magnetizes your lover to you.

The Universe will actually rearrange things to bring two people together that are ready for each other.

So have faith, keep your vibration high by doing the things you love to do, and keep an open heart for your partner – without that they won’t be able to find you….

Marco……  😉