Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring at 4 degrees Sagittarius.

Since eclipses symbolize change and lunar energies rule our subconscious there will be a lot of internal reprogramming/shifting going on. Also, being that it’s a full moon and it’s a time of culmination as well as endings. Time to say goodbye to our old views and welcome the new!

With all eclipses and full moons this can be a time of heightened emotions especially for those of you who are very sensitive to energy. With that in mind don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been having a hard time this week or it continues into the following week. As always know that some days are better than others, learn to go with the flow instead of resisting.

There are many ways to interpret the energy of this lunar eclipse and everyone will have a slightly different take on it, however, with the full moon being in Sagittarius it carries with it themes of growth, truth and consciousness. Sagittarius is all about expansion especially beyond limited beliefs, beyond borders, and beyond the veil that separates us from the divine.

However, the full moon creates an opposition with the Sun being in Gemini. This pulls up back down to reality, to the here and the now, to the facts vs. our intuition. The twins (Gemini) want the details, the nitty gritty, but quickly, and not to in depth. Then you have the archer (Sagittarius) who is pushing for truth, knowledge, enlightenment, and freedom from limitations. Balance is key or one side is bound to tip!

This push and pull (the opposition of the sun and moon) is creating a dynamic change (eclipse) between our higher minds (Sagittarius) and our lower minds (Gemini).  Throw in Neptune squaring the eclipse in the mix and it adds a divine touch of angels as well as a slight hint of delusion as the square aspect may cause some confusion on many levels. BUT do not despair, this Neptune energy is there to help dissolve all the boundaries as well as the limiting beliefs that we’ve put on our minds. Shed the layers of your mind and you will be closer to walking the path of wholeness – pure divine love.


Think of this eclipse as updating an app on your iphone.

-It’s time, the other one was outdated.

– There were some glitches in the programming, many people complained, there was a lot of back and forth and finally they adjusted it.

– Once you download the newer app you’ll be surprised by just how much freedom this information/new programming actually gives you.

Knowledge is power and when put to good use it frees you from the mundane and moves you to a higher level.


As always the indicator of how this is going to play out in your own life will be shown in your individual birth chart. You can look to see where 4 degrees Sagittarius falls in your chart and if it hits on a house cusp, angle, or planet this is the area of life/energy that will be greatly affected.

Enjoy! And wishing a happy, conscious/subconscious expansion to all!