Last night all my views on the divine completely changed in a matter of seconds. I’ve seen spirits with my own eyes so I know it to be true. However, because I have such a strong logical side as well I need to experience something personally before I am able to teach it or it just does not feel right to me. I can’t just read something and then tell you all about it when I haven’t experienced it first-hand. It does not feel authentic to me and everything I do is based in love and service.

Last night there was angels protecting me and my friends in my car because we somehow managed to escape what could have been a fatal car accident with another driver who came out of nowhere at full speed.

On the windy part of Sunset Blvd. a sportscar made a u-turn (from the opposite side of traffic) going about 50 miles per hour. Their car slammed into another car pushing it off the road. The first car then went into a tail spin, with sparks shooting everywhere, and literally slid out of control coming right for my car.

In the middle of all this and when I put my foot on the break it was as if something took over me and I “knew” with every ounce of my being that we were going to be fine. But there was no way of knowing this while it was all happening so quickly and because of what we were seeing. It looked like a scene out of a movie or a stunt car.

During those few seconds, it was as if time stopped. I felt so calm and peaceful and protected as I was watching the car, sparks and all, come hurling at me. I felt a protective shield around myself and the car. It’s hard to explain…it was beyond me. I knew we wouldn’t hit it. Something or someone told me it would be fine.

When both of our cars came to stop (them sideways into a tree) we were inches from each other and I literally did not even know if we hit one another because of all the noise and how it happened so quickly.

There is now NO DOUBT in my mind that angels are real. I know a lot of you believe in them already and a lot of you do not or just don’t even know what to think about them. I do believe I saw one in the middle of the night once before; they vibrate at such a high frequency which is why it “looks” like they have wings. But even that… I still diminished it. Trust me, there are still moments that I struggle with my strong logical, linear mind…..(moments when that ego attacks!) and I just recently asked the Universe for proof of angels so that I can feel more comfortable on my path and helping others.

Well, be careful what you ask for. But I know that I was protected last night. Amazing! So thankful and blessed!

Since the beginning of January my life has been completely out of my control and I realized I have 2 options:

1) Feel sorry for myself and fall into the victim role or

2) Surrender my ego, learn the lessons, and be thankful because even after everything that’s happened I have been able to recognize that these experiences have been freeing me from the past and increasing my intuition twofold. The old me is literally falling off and I am emerging with more light and more of a connection to the divine.

For a very long time now I’ve known that 2014 was going to be a big year for me, however, I would have never guessed it would have started out this way. Clearly there is divine intervention happening and as someone on a spiritual path to help others I’m being pushed forward to greater heights.

It’s been one hell of a January but a gift at the same time! It’s what I’ve been asking for…to be a clear channel of light and love and to be used as vehicle to help others heal.

Know that blessings can often disguised, but you can still find the beauty in everything.

If you are alive and reading this right now you have been given a gift here on earth. Embrace it and follow your light.