Dear Sacred, Mystic Woman::

I hear you and I feel you and I want you to know this….

You must be connected to something deeper.

You must find what it is that makes your heart beat faster.

You must find the truth in your heart.

You must find the reason(s) why you came back to earth.

You must find what gifts you have to share with the world.

If you don’t have purpose you will feel empty inside.

It doesn’t matter if you’re with your dream man or not. You must do this for yourself.


I quit every job I’ve ever had until I had my spiritual awakening at 30 years old.

I was miserable at every job. I almost convinced myself from the bs in my head that it was ME. That maybe in fact it was me that was just always going to be unhappy.

That was not the case for me and that’s not the case for you.

I will tell you to be kind and patient with yourself.

Finding out about your purpose is not like finding a 4 leaf clover in the ground and then you are done.



You don’t step into your new energy (your north node in your birth chart) overnight and you don’t step in it until you have the courage to truly look at yourself, naked in the mirror and say yes, I am doing this and yes I am suffering here, yes I want more. Yes I am unhappy or unsatisfied or whatever it is you’re feeling.

You must get to know your soul.

How do you know your soul?

1) You allow time for it to happen. You understand life is a journey and you can only see as far as you are able to right now and that there is More, Oh…there is SO MUCH MORE that you don’t even know about yet….because you’re not supposed to…..

2) You stop distracting yourself with the stuff that you know doesn’t serve you.

3) You spend time alone just to hear the voice of your soul.

4) You spend time with people who help you feel good.

5) You stop doing anything that is not honoring your soul.

6) You meditate.

7) You do your chakra cleanses.

8) You only put healthy food into your body because you understand that you truly are what you eat and everything you eat effects your mood and hormones.

9) You do yoga to connect you to your body and your breath.

10) You stop comparing yourself to others because they are NOT on your path.

11) You hire help. You hire someone that has been there and can walk you through. But with realistic expectations. I or anyone else will not rescue you or do the work for you. It needs to come from within but but we can guide you. I wouldn’t be anywhere I am today if I tried to do it all on my own.

12) You accept where you’re at and make peace with it. It’s not a race or competition. Everything else is a waste of energy.

13) You start doing things differently. If you keep doing the same thing nothing is ever going to change in your life.

14) You decide that you’re worth it. That you are truly worthy of the life you desire. It all comes down to self worth and why people stay and settle. (again, with help).

15) You find hobbies that make you happy.

16) You don’t give yourself a silly timeline of xyz must happen in this amount of time. The Universe doesn’t work like that. I renewed my package with my coach after the first round was done because I knew I needed more. I kept going and still going. I work with clients that continue to work with me until they are in a better place. It’s not about hiring me or anyone for the rest of your life. It’s understanding that 6 sessions for example doens’t mean you stop the work. You keep going.

17) You see yourself as a soul having a human experience and the human experience is full of emotions. Some that feel “good” and some that feel “bad”. You accept that you will feel all and it is not permanent.

18) You do the inner work and face the pain so that you can heal it and move on.

19) You learn to love yourself no matter how much money you have or what your life situation is. (When I had no money starting my business and could only go for walks on the beach because it was free, I never once felt less about myself because I knew deep down inside it was only temporary).

20) And you never give up because the Universe didn’t on you.


***Now accepting new Soulover and evolve clients for July. I combine the Art of Astrology (reading the story of your soul), healing your limited beliefs/personas, coaching, and psychic energy.