I am not a fortune teller.

I do not have a flashing neon sign outside my door.

I will not tell you why he/she didn’t call you back and when you are going to take an exotic trip to Tahiti.

I’m sorry, but I’m just not that into that….

It’s not that I don’t know. I might…or I might not. I don’t know everything. It’s not up to me; it’s up to the information that is given to me. I am simply a channel…a conduit…to serve for the greatest good of all.

What a chart reading is and what I do is help you find out what your life story is:

  • what your soul agreed upon this time around. 
  • I look at what deeply ingrained behavioral patterns you came into this life with and then I see what new direction your soul agreed to move toward in this lifetime. 
  • I go through your chart and explain why you were given the energies that you were born under and how this all supports the main purpose of your incarnation.

A chart reading with me can also be called a Life reading. All astrologers do readings differently and it’s important to find the one that you resonate with. We all have different abilities and are all looking to serve in a different way, I will never say anything bad about anyone’s method of delivery. As for what I do, I combine my logical side with my intuitive side and go through the layout of your chart. My trained astrological background allows me to interpret the planets in your chart to paint the picture of your souls story in this lifetime. If I was a doctor you can compare a birth chart to a tool in my medicine kit which will help in your healing process. Every doctor is trained but it’s up to them to instinctively and accurately know how to apply the tool in the best way to bring you to a healthier state.

While interpreting your chart I am continually getting messages from my guides and my higher self as to what needs particular focus for YOU and what is important to talk to you about in greater detail for your own soul growth experience. This adds a deeper layer to your chart reading – one that is unique to my style of interpretation.

Again, I want to be very clear – I am not a fortune teller.

Yes, I do get messages quite often (so do you, you just may not know it yet) however, in my option, I do not believe it is for someone’s highest good to find out what is going to happen, how the future is going to exactly unfold and so forth. When someone tells us about a situation that is to come we may do something differently in order to try and manipulate it to happen, in doing so we do not get our lesson and the outcome may or may not happen. Then we wonder why the psychic told us that information. What a psychic does is read energy; they read likely, (keyword) outcomes of situations given the path you are on. However, anything can change in the drop of a hat. The Universe is constantly adjusting – it’s not static. Energy is always evolving and changing form. Yes, there are soul contracts that we agreed upon that WILL happen no matter what, however, time is not something that is not always easily translated through psychic messages.

The patterns in the sky (as above, so below) are the closest indicator to major events happening in our lives. During a chart reading if we are looking at transits and progressions they show opportunities. Again, the keyword here is opportunities for likely events to occur.

As the planets are energies there are likely outcomes that can happen, however, astrology does not dictate your fate. You still have free will and you still choose HOW you will use and act out the energies. If you are in alignment with your highest good a normally intense transit could pass with ease and leave you with deeper insight and knowledge so that you can objectively use this information to move forward.

However, if you are not willing or able to see something, the lesson involved may create a more difficult time in your life because you are resisting the lessons that the universe is trying to teach or you just may not be ready at that time (free will)…and that’s OK too. These are just 2 examples of how transits and progressions differ for everyone depending on the level of consciousness that you are currently in.

My goal and my intention to best serve humanity with my gifts is to help YOU figure out YOU so that you can move forward and make better decisions so that you will not be in the situation wondering is he/she going to call, or when you they are going to ask you out on a date, etc. Yes, these are all normal questions and it’s OK to want to know them. We are human and even with the work that I do I often ask myself similar questions as well – again we are all human. There are professionals out there who can give you that type of reading if you want it, however, my goal is to get you so clear on yourself, your purpose, your goals, the kind of mate that is good for your soul and so on that you can learn to make these decisions on your own – without relying on a psychic telling you specific details about the future. When people call those 1-800 psychics numbers (and yes I will admit I have been guilty of this in the past!)  they are generally in a state of fear and desperation which is a low vibration energy. There is no judgment here at all; however, it is not the frequency of where and how I choose to serve with my gifts.


My soul’s mission in this lifetime is to expand my consciousness relative to my intuitive abilities through the sacred truths of my third eye chakra. My soul hopes to achieve the understanding and truth of the principle of ‘unity and oneness’. My soul has agreed to experience people, situations and circumstances that will allow me to develop, trust, teach and share my abilities as the intuitive.


Yes, that’s a biggie…no small task! However, ever since I was little I always knew that my life path would be different and that I was here for something deep, something greater than myself. With that I fully accept and embrace my service and souls purpose in this lifetime. I surrender and trust that the Universe will provide me with abundance in love, life, friends, family, experiences, and money so that I can be of service to all of you and help raise your consciousness as well. To help you learn to trust the information that you receive (because you all receive it) and to help remove the limiting beliefs in your mind that are holding you back from all that you desire.


This is my purpose.


And this is what I offer to you when I read your birth chart. I am excited to be attracting like-minded souls that want to grow, evolve, and raise their consciousness as well – to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Many blessings and I look forward to connecting with you and reading your birth chart to help you along your path in this lifetime.

-Love and light