As the title reads….Welcome to Scorpio season…enter if you dare…

From October 23-November 20th the Sun will be moving through the Constellation of Scorpio where the energy shifts from that of balanced & pleasing Libra to the seductive, deep, transforming, and steadfast powers of Scorpio.

Scorpio is a sign that you don’t want to mess with. They might be cool calm collect on the outside but don’t let that fool you. Inside they have a depth and intuitive understanding about them that would make some air signs run for the hills. It’s OK though because we all have our own strengths and they along with Taurus are the most loyal ever. When used for the highest octave, Scorpio’s energy is the most powerful of the entire Zodiac.

They are the healers, the shamans, the souls that dive deep into the depths of the ocean to FEEL every emotion inside of them. They LOVE with all their might and when they hurt, they HURT with every ounce of their being as well. It’s OK, and actually it’s a beautiful thing to feel so deeply and passionately. They can teach a thing or two to everyone else in the Zodiac. I can promise you this, once you are loved by a Scorpio nothing will ever be the same again.

Even if you aren’t a Scorpio the energy over this next month will change you on every level of your being. No matter what Sun sign you are it’s an opportunity to soak up this energy and create magic.

Not only is Mercury currently retrograding through Scorpio we also have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio happening on November 3rd. All this coupled with Transiting Saturn and the North Node moving through Scorpio as well makes for a month of diving deep into your shadow side…
pull it out,
transform it
and then rise from the ashes as an entire new being.
Yes, that sounds intense but intense and powerful are words associated with Scorpio.

Welcome to Scorpio season I say…only the strong and brave will really be able to tap into the magical powers and rise from the depths as a new God/Goddess of divine light & wisdom as you then move into Sagittarius next month.

Dive deep I say…what you will find beneath the initial darkness is a beautiful shining light that is just waiting to be uncovered and brought out to share with the world.

Trust that what lies beneath is better than you can ever imagine. I believe in all of you and I’m here to help.