Beautiful new client today with 5 planets in Scorpio!!!! Ohhhh how I LOVE souls with depth!


And people always come to me at the right time. She wants direction because she’s feeling a little lost and wants to know about her purpose.


She’s 29. This is a huge transitional time for people.


From about 28-ish (in some people) to 29 and 30 we ALLLLLL go through something called a Saturn return.


This is when the planet Saturn returns to the placement in your birth chart when you were born.


Most don’t know that Saturn is there (unless you’re an astrologer) BUT I can guarantee that you feel it.


Yes, you FEEL the planets even if you don’t know they are there. And each planet has a different vibration and lesson(s) with it that everyone gets a unique experience because….


We all have our own filters, consciousness, upbringings, karma, purpose, behavioral patterns etc etc


But back to Saturn.


This is a HUGE turning point in people’s lives because Saturn is prompting you to focus on what your soul is REALLY here to do.


Here’s the thing. You might not figure it out right away. In fact, most won’t because that’s the process of life but you start to revaluate where you’ve been. What you’ve been doing. Where you’re going. What you next move is. Etc.


Which is why around age 30 people truly change their lives. This is not a coincidence. This is Saturn and you feel it whether you believe in astrology or not.


Around 29/30 and then often it gets started around 31…many people get married or get divorced. Have a baby, change careers, have a breakdown, move across the country or to another country, completely go I a different direction with their life etc etc.


This is a real thing.


This is why I don’t always recommend people get married before 30 because you don’t know who you are here to become.


Of course, there are contracts that some are to be married before for the experience and of course this is not a 100% rule. But it is a suggestion based on knowing that we completely change and will change around that time.


Saturn is the planet of karma. It is the one thing that you PROMISED to do here on earth.


You’re not getting out of it. And because of that, it doesn’t come easy wherever Saturn is in your chart. (Meaning that area of life).


It takes TIME to work through Saturn. When I see it my clients charts, I know this is one of their karmic lessons and they will feel frustrated with it.


There is lots of frustration with Saturn because that is how we do the work and put in the time and become a master.


Saturn will reward you in life. But you have to pay your dues. It’s a process throughout life. It’s balancing karma. It’s learning lessons. It is often where we feel stuck and insecure.


But it’s also going to be your greatest gift.


The mastery doesn’t happen at 30 but around 30 is when we all start moving into what our soul really came here to do.


Which is why at 30, all of a sudden my spiritual gifts opened up like a Mack truck coming at me. It was super overwhelming and I had no idea about any of this so-called ‘spiritual world’ (pre Facebook status posts every 2 seconds about spirituality and soul etc hahaha). And then the real work started of re-learning how to master my psychic world.


It’s part of my karma. I have done this so many times before, but I got “lazy” and probably careless with it so my agreement was to master this for the highest good so I can help others work their deepest fears, magic, desires, and psychological patterns.


It’s real 8th house witchy magic, which I love, but also subconsciously feared for 30 years.


Cycles and timing. It’s what life is all about and astrology is one of the most ancient tools to help you connect the dots….or I should say stars…. 😉


P.S. We all have a second Saturn return around 59 to 60. And if we didn’t do the work or ignored our intuition the first time the second time will knock you on your ass for sure 🙂


I’m glad I listened the first time…but not without kicking and screaming. #taurus