….And away we go!! Just like a roller coaster ride….you just sat down, buckled your seat belt….and are about to go on an adventurous ride……or otherwise known as…..Happy NEW MOON in Aries!!!!

It’s here, today (March 30, 2014) is the day when the Universe hands you a key. The key is to a new door that is being opened and launching you into NEW (Aries) territory and let me tell you…this new moon is packed with lots of spice!!!!

New Moons welcome us into a new moon cycle that lasts for 1 month. This particular new moon cycle is VERY POWERFUL and very different from others for several reasons and over the next month we are ALL going to be welcoming (if we surrender) many changes into our lives.

You might have heard me talk about how April is going to be a powerful month unlike one we’ve (the collective) had in many, many years.

Let’s first start with a new Moon. A new moon is a new cycle. It’s a beginning, a celestial gate opening when we can begin to “plant the seeds” over the coming month of what we want to manifest. This new moon is at 9 degrees of Aries and becomes exact at 11:45am pst today.

This new moon is also conjunct (“touching”) the planet Uranus. Uranus is all about shaking things up and liberating you from the past. It ALWAYS does so in ways that are unexpected. That’s because it moves you up the spiritual ladder even if you “think” you’re not ready for it. It’s about breaking up old patterns and never looking back. Expect the unexpected….although that is not exactly possible, but just know that things might happen and as you move through the next month it will soon begin to make more sense….but I know, I know….it never does at the time.

THIS particular new moon energy is the catalyst for April’s intense energy. It’s the start…just like Aries is the start of the zodiac wheel…it jumps and then asks questions later. BUT at times you need that and that is why our friend Aries is so important. Yes, the energy can be known to be a bit impulsive but luckily you have other energies to balance that out.

I will be sending out more information over the next week because I want to break this down for you in phases. It’s a lot to understand and since most of you are new to Astrology I want to make sure you are not overwhelmed and that I explain it so that it is relatable to YOUR life.

I will give you a brief and let you know that this new moon will be kicking off April’s Cardinal Grand Cross which is a stressful (meaning….energy that forces you to change…to do something…to find a NEW way to act….to dive deep into your reserves and do things you’ve never done before…in a good way!) And mind you good is not always easy and it won’t be with this formation. The peak of this energy will be April 22nd, however, energy will still be building up until then.

April also brings us a Lunar Eclipse on April 15th at 25 degrees of Libra (again, anyone with planets around this degree in cardinal signs will be feeling this….Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer).

AND then we have a Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Taurus on April 29th. (People with planets in fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius) will be feeling this one as well.

Eclipses are change agents and move things forward at a rapid rate. Know that it’s not uncommon for things to be taken away, however, I’ve also seen eclipses bring wonderful things to people!! It can go either way, but the point is they….for lack of better words…make sh*t happen!

As you can see April is bringing a lot of stressful energy, however, I want to remind you the stress is not always bad. Without stress you would not push yourself to achieve great things. If you woke up every morning and someone handed you a million dollars you would (most likely) not be motivated to get up and do anything with your life. And you would never be able to see just how much you are capable of.

If you flow with these energies these “stressful” transits will push you farther than you would push yourself and on the other side of that is GREAT, GREAT achievement and GREAT reward. Remember to use all your tools during this time to keep your emotional body balanced and focused with mediation, mantras, and trust in the divine!

As much as we all say we want things to be easy, you have to really look inside and recognize that without goals and being pushed you lack the feeling of accomplishment which can leave you extremely unfulfilled.  There is no amount of money in the world that can make up for the feeling of having achieved something tremendous.

April’s energy is going to get you there. It’s going to move you into a new space that you’ve never been before. Yes, it may be a little uncomfortable because new territory always is and when you go through change you have to sit in that temporary place of confusion before you reach the end of the rainbow.

Remember, you got this!!!

Take a deep breath and let April unfold as it should for you in YOUR life. Also remember, everyone’s birth chart is completely different and the energies will be affecting all of you in different ways.

Contact me if you would like to know how this is going to affect you personally so that you can prepare and work WITH the energies rather than have them work against you. I will explain in what areas of life this energy is affecting you and how and why this is happening…I will explain to you the deeper, spiritual lessons behind (what may appear to be) just plain chaos and confusion…it never really is but our human mind can’t always grasp that especially in the moment. 

Also, make sure to sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of my website as I will be sending out more information as the month moves on.

**New Moon Manifesting Tips:

Remember to write down your intentions. Get it out of your head and onto paper. This is the most powerful new moon of the year! The energy to manifest is strongest from now until tomorrow. After you write it down, connect with the energy on an energetic level, meaning FEEL the space, connect with it in your heart, and trust that it will manifest on the physical plane when the time is right! If you would like to create a sacred place in your home then honor that. Rituals invite divine energy to manifest on the earth plane. 

Here’s to a new moon and NEW energy….the kind of energy that you incarnated on earth to experience. New love and light is on its way for you….right…now!!!!

Can you feel the change in the air? Feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply back to you!