People often think they are running out of time but everything happens in cycles. I see it time and time again in astrology.

We go through personal cycles when the planets in the sky activate the planets in your birth chart. They act as a push, an opening, a release valve, etc.

Sometimes you can’t rush things even though society tells you otherwise. Sure you can do whatever you want as you absolutely have free will and it’s up to you to use your skills to create the life you want but deep inside you may not be ready for something until a certain age because that door just hasn’t opened yet…and that’s ok because it gives you an opportunity to appreciate the larger magic of life.

We are not in this alone. We are so powerful and we create but we also have cycles for our soul’s evolution.

This is sacred for your personal journey.

Here’s the thing, age matters and it doesn’t matter at the same time.

I have clients that are in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s and just signed a new client that is 60.

It’s never too late to work on yourself. In fact at 60 she is just moving through her second Saturn return which is a time for her soul to look back on all that she has done and where she is now.

It’s a time for her to revaluate what to do and where to go with the rest of her life. This is a major cycle that EVERYONE goes through. (The first one happens around 28.5-30 yrs old around 31 and on is when people really start moving in the new direction. It varies for everyone depending on the ease in their birth chart. Do they have more planets in fixed signs (taurus, scorpio, leo, Aquarius? This usually takes people a little longer than if they have more mutable energy in their chart. Their environment also plays a role. Everything is connected).

The intensity of your second saturn return has a lot to do with how you listened and moved through your first one. Did you follow the path that was being whispered to you? Have you done the work? Have you put in the time for your karmic responsibility here on earth?

Wherever your saturn is you can’t get out of it. This is where you promised the Universe you are going to mature, really learn from the ground up, have a lot of lessons and LIFE experiences and also feeling some frustration is a natural byproduct of it. But this is also because you came here to master this area of life. And mastery doesn’t come in a 3 week course. It doesn’t come when you are 20 and think you know everything. Trust me I was there and oh how I laugh at my younger self now, and it doesn’t even come if you are making a million dollars. Soul purpose and responsibility is totally separate from that (unless of course it’s connected to the financial houses then it might) 😉

Where is mine? Saturn in the 8th house. One of the hardest placements of it because it runs deep but it is also why I am a master at transforming people and myself. The 8th house is the house of Magick and alchemy. It’s where people run away from and where I run into the fire.

That is Saturn, it takes TIME here on earth. You can’t bypass it. You deepen into it and the heaviness starts to lift as you get older. So at 60 when some people think it’s downhill from there, you are actually getting an opportunity to start fresh again and in many ways with Jupiter it’s a fresh and expanding new start

It’s never too late and you didn’t miss out because if you were ready for “it” you would have experienced it. The path that you took is that path that you needed to learn at the level you were at. xo