We’ve entered the vortex of the “calm before the storm”…not in a bad way…no, not at all…but the energy right now is still..it’s time to go within.

We are currently under a balsamic moon phase which is the dark moon…dark does not mean bad. It means there is silence and stillness and it’s up to you to find your way out. Is your energy slowing down? Are you becoming still? This is the time when you have to turn inward to find your light.

Over the next couple of days let it guide you to your heart, that will show you the way. 

This stillness is here because we are on the cusp of huge energy shifts starting with a new moon at 10 degrees Aquarius on the 30th. This is the second super moon of January. I don’t buy into all the hype of a super moon like some others, however, with 2 super moons in one month it is a powerful energy trigger of change. Make sure to set very clear intentions as you move forward.

Then on Friday, January 31st, Mercury (communication, speech, thinking) enters watery Pisces where it will stay for a short time just before it turns retrograde on February 6th – February 27th. Don’t panic! I repeat, please don’t panic. It’s just another karmic marker of re-viewing your communication. However, if your head is already spinning then please proceed to this link for a review on Mercury Retrograde: do not pass go, and do not collect $200….

If you’re still with me…..Next up, also on January 31st, after 6 long weeks of relationship re-orientation and re-evaluation Venus (love and money) will turn direct at 13 degrees Capricorn AND will be making a conjunction to the soul changing planet (yes, I still call it a planet) of Pluto.

THIS is powerful in itself. Whenever an inner planet like Venus conjuncts (makes contact) with an outer planet it is powerful! Then add to the mix that it’s changing “direction” from retrograde to direct and folks….it’s a real game changer.

Don’t expect it to happen right away, or I shall say, don’t panic if you don’t notice anything right then and there. There are always things happening behind the scenes and it’s often not until later that we realize how something affected us.

If something is taken out of your life (a love for example) let it go. Do not cling to the past for it will only hold you back from your soul’s journey. You may need an ending so that a new beginning can emerge and trust me when I say Pluto is working “for you” even though it may feel otherwise.

Trust….Allow change to happen. Pluto always acts in your soul’s highest interest…not your ego’s. 

It’s also no coincidence that at the same time, on the 31st, we’ll celebrate the Chinese New Year and officially say good-bye to 2013 and the crazy karmic month of re-balancing that January proved to be. (Adios! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!)

Breathe deep now….

Tell the universe what you want.

Feel it. Be it. Live it. And KNOW that it will come to you when it is your time.

The energy right now feels like a rubber band being pulled back slowly… inch by inch…Surrender all your worries at this point because you’re about to be launched forward as the year of the horse charges in and sweeps you off your feet…it’s coming.

I feel it. 

Remember, it’s in the stillness of the night that your soul can be reborn…

Many blessings to you!

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(Image: Another Earth by Djuno Tomsni)