Welcome to the month of April! One of tremendous astrological strength that will (as we progress into the month) illuminate you from head to toe.

A lot of people have been asking how will I know if I’m doing what I should be doing, how will I know if what’s supposed to be happening is indeed happening? All good questions.

What I want you to do is trust that the divine knows what it’s doing. I want you to live your life. Be in the flow. Trust your intuition. Don’t anticipate things before they happen (unless you had a reading with me and I told you what area of life they will occur in) because I promise you it never is like the story you make up for yourself in your mind.

Go out and do everything as you naturally would. It’s usually not until “after” that you can look back and see just how much you changed, grew, and learned. When you focus your energy on wondering what’s going to happen it interrupts the natural flow of the Universe and pushes things back. The Universe WILL always adjust but sometimes the adjustments are a little harsher than they have to be because you got in your own way. (It’s ok. It happens. I do it all the time to myself. My healers and teachers know that!! Lol!)

On a global scale I do believe we will see some political uprises or at least the start of some major shifts as well as some more surprises from Mother Nature in the very near future.

I am not at all trying to go Y2k on you at all. It’s not at all that kind of hype and don’t listen to anyone that puts that fear in you. These are the facts: Just know that there are some spectacular astrological events this month with 4 planets (Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars) in a cross formation in the sky that will be putting lots pressure on each other. Lots!

AND as I try to emphasize over and over again with my work it’s this one simple yet complex message…..everything is energy!

The planets, us, the trees, your desk at home, your car, your vibration, your emotions…..all energy. We are a component of the sum total of the Universe’s energy.

Just as the moon affects the tides the cardinal grand cross coming to a head the week of April 20th, along with 2 eclipses (April 15th and April 29th) will be felt down here as well.


(And for those who want to read the cliff notes version of this…..Don’t freak out. If you’re following my page you are too wise for that!)

All the best!