A story on your birth chart…..your journey in life….and good info in between……

Let me explain a little more about your birth chart…

….about your soul’s contract with the Universe and your highest potential in this lifetime.

When I was younger I went to an Astrologer, wayyyyy before I even knew anything about it. And they told me that I would be doing spiritual, psychic, healing, mediumship work of some kind.

I laughed.

I thought it was funny.

It had NOTHING to do with with ANYTHING I was doing.

It sounded kinda cool in some ways, but really? No. I’m not putting up a neon psychic sign in my window and calling it a day.

I laughed some more.

And then I got pissed because I felt I wasted my money.

This person has no idea what they are talking about, I said. I laughed again.

(hello ego)

At the time I was intuitive but that’s all it was. (hello ego again)

I was so closed off to anything else, it just truly wasn’t a part of my vocabulary.

(mind you, this was a time before the word spiritjunkie became popular and before everyone was “on a spiritual path” and stepping into their feminine, etc etc)

I remember reading something about spirit guides when I was in junior high but I didn’t get it at all. I could not wrap my head around the concept.

Throughout my life I would find myself being drawn to metaphysical concepts but it was my little thing or “hobby” that I did internally.

Looking back I didn’t hide it because I was embarrassed or anything, I just truly didn’t have the consciousness for it at the time.

And so it was…..and it didn’t expand beyond that.



Fast fwd to the age of 30 and my life completely changed.

My Saturn return started this journey and transiting pluto hanging out on my rising sign was making sure that my life was would completely change.

THAT is when I had my spiritual awakening.

It was time….

Back to the beginning of the story. The astrologer wasn’t wrong. I just couldn’t possibly see it at the time.

It literally didn’t make sense to me because I was an entirely different person.

Or I should say, I didn’t yet step into my light.

But that’s OK because it takes time to EVOLVE, you can’t rush the process.

I don’t understand the things about getting certified in 1 weekend with something. How can that possibly happen on an energetic level?

Truth is it can’t possibly.

We rush to become “masters’ when to really become a master at something it takes TIME.

Exactly why we don’t change our deep behavioral patterns overnight.

I find that I do things slower than most because I am busy honing my gifts of healing, psychic work, mediumship, energy etc.

First moral:

Don’t rush. I had to learn the hard way. Let me save you some frustration in advance.

Second moral:

Your birth chart shows your highest potential in this lifetime.

There are MANY and I mean MANY ways to use the energy of your chart. What a qualified astrologer can do is show you the direction of your greatness EVEN if you can’t see it right now.

As in my example above.

You will go through many and I mean MANY variables of ways to express your energy.

It is through your LIFE journey of evolving consciousness that you will drop the shadow energies and step further into the higher expression of the energies.

aka – your light!

Let me give you an example to help:

I have Pluto conjunct my Midheaven (my MC). This is your career angle.

When I was younger I had a hard time with authority, with people telling me what to do (other things in my chart point to that as well).

In jobs in the past I felt overpowered (a pluto shadow) in a lot of my work situations. There was a lot of power struggles (pluto).

Looking back, I had this ache and experiences bec it was trying to push me to grow from deep within.

I also had many different jobs/careers. Pluto on your career angle means you go through many transformations while climbing to the top.

I can’t even tell you the number of times I felt frustrated and defeated because I hated my job but KNEW there was something more.

The struggle was real folks!

Now, I am learning to step more into MY pluto energy in a career where I truly transform (pluto) the outer world (MC).

With Pluto conjunct your MC, there comes a lot of ambition, power, and intensity.

This all backfired on me throughout my life until I STEPPED into my power more and more and learned to accept it. But it had to happen when the time was right.

It’s still a process, I’m still learning just like everyone else.

Especially because this energy is not light. It’s HUGE. You can’t give a little kid a loaded gun for example, they need time to learn how to use it and for the highest good, otherwise they will shoot themselves in the foot! Literally!

Same with Pluto conjunct the MC.

I share this with you so you understand

1) the importance of learning about your birth chart in a series of sessions (not just one time! It can’t happen) and

2) to help you understand that we are ALL evolving, growing, changing, and learning.

Be open to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.

I never imaged a life that I am living, but then again….my soul always knew this was the way…thank God I listened to her over my ego….

Which again is why I don’t work on manifesting many things. I leave it up to the Universe because I’ve learned that there is something deeper and I must be a vessel for that.

I wish the same for you.

That you continue to listen to your inner call, your inner voice and that you trust the process even if it doesn’t make sense right now.

It will never make sense to your ego.

But thank God it doesn’t really have to.

Love and light to you!

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