Our society is so attached to them.

I’m an accountant, a lawyer, a plumber, a teacher, a banker etc…but what if you lost your job and had to wake up and you weren’t an accountant, a lawyer, a plumber, a teacher, or a banker anymore?


What/who are you now?


Your job doesn’t define you.


You define you.


You are more than a label and should be OK without it.

Just be.


These past couple of years I’ve had to ask myself just that. Who am I if I’m not the Interior Designer that I used to be? Or the Sales Rep that I used to be? Since going off on my own and building my business…or I should say discovering my true purpose in this lifetime and sharing my gifts… I’ve had to make a complete overhaul in my lifestyle, my values, and my view on myself and the world. There were and are still are many days where I’m working from home alone and there is peace and quiet which is often a dream for many, but with that came the mind chatter of who am I and what am I doing?

When you remove the distractions of co-workers and the gossip often found in office environments that somehow allow the days to simply pass by one after another, you are first left with many questions. For me it was:


If I’m not in an office and I don’t have a title…who am I?


All I can do is speak of my experiences and trust that it touches and inspires you in some way.

Since discovering my purpose work my lifestyle has completely changed.  It started with simple things. I can’t…I choose not to go out to lunch every day like I used to. I can’t…I choose not to go shopping like I used to as well. There are times when all my friends are going out and doing things and my budget just won’t allow for it (right now) like it used to. And it’s in those times that many fall apart and feel less than. But it’s those moment that define you. It is those moments that have defined me. They have built up my strength and confidence even greater than I ever thought possible because there is no amount of external objects, events, or distractions that define you or give you happiness.

Of course I like nice things and of course there is nothing greater than getting into my bed  with high tread count sheets every night! As a Taurus, I am grateful for this every day. We are all here to enjoy the gifts of life while not getting attached to them or letting them define us. Balance is key. I find joy in going for walks or a run on the beach. Going for a hike in the mountains and connecting with nature costs nothing and is the greatest source of inspiration I have found.

I live in Los Angeles where it is filled with so much talent and yet with so many insecurities at the same time. Every person you look at has a better car, house, purse, shoes, or face that looks younger and younger as the years pass on. Again, no judgment here just stating the truth. However, if you really look inside most of these people are lost and empty. Sure they have distractions but the reality is most have no clue what they would do without all the “stuff” that they think gives them their identity. (For the record, I am not saying this includes everyone. There are many enlightened souls here, however, I’m speaking in general terms from my observations, interactions, and experiences).

This leads me to one of the points in this post.

So many people are often confused with the work I do.

“What exactly are you”, they ask?

“What’s your job title?”

Well, I’m an:





-Life Coach



But again those are labels so if you take all that away, who am I then?

-I am a soul

-I am Danielle in this lifetime

-I am my higher self

-I am a divine Goddess

-I am an energetic being

-I am a channel of light of love

the list goes on….and even then those are still labels….

I am whatever it is you want to call me because I am comfortable with myself….with any label you want to put on me…or not put on me….it doesn’t matter.

I am me.

I am living my truth from my heart.


Who are YOU when you peel away the multitude of labels that you’ve piled on yourself over time?

Can you sit without any of the distractions and still know who you are no matter what anyone calls you or doesn’t call you?

When you do, you are living your truth.

That is self-love.

You are love.

And since that which we are we attract. You will attract only love and light to you.


Again, my question to you is, who are YOU when you remove the labels?

When you can be happy, confident, and at peace in that space you will never be shaken by what anyone says to you because it doesn’t matter….you know who you are with or without a label.

 So who are you?