Danielle is incredibly intuitive and empathetic in her approach to healing! My readings
with her have been uplifting, reassuring, and transformative in the most positive ways. I appreciate her insight and highly recommend!

Justine Marjan
Celebrity Hairstylist

I’ve thought about our conversation SO much since this exact time last year, especially the spiritual aspect! Nailed it. You introduced me to how meaningful it can be to delve deep within a birth chart. The complexities are immense but you were so thorough. Your work is incredibly intriguing and educational. You are a wizard. So many knowledge bombs. You do some truly incredible work!!

Lesley  Murphy
Travel Blogger, Yoga Teacher & Former Bachelor Contestant

My reading with Danielle blew my mind! Not only did she predict my engagement on air during my podcast which ended up coming true months later exactly as she said, she also told me details about my soul’s past life energy that I felt so deeply. After our session it activated something inside of me that shifted my life. She also told me many things that psychics have told me over the years as well which is different than most other astrological readings in that she mixes of her knowledge of astrology with her intuition and delivers the information in a way that’s easy to digest. Danielle is a master at her craft and for Western Astrology she is my go to Astrologer helping me understand my soul contract on a deeper level. Plus, her podcast was one of the top most downloaded ones to date which is why I had her on for a second time! 

Sahara Rose
Best Selling Ayurveda author and host of Highest Self Podcast 

Having a session with Danielle is like giving your soul a warm hug. She holds space for you with such grace and guides you to see your true brilliance. She is a beautiful being inside and out and her presence lights up any room.

Melissa Ambrosini
Bestseller Author + Speaker + Host of The Melissa Ambrosini Show Podcast

I just want to say the Universe absolutely conspired to connect us. So much of what you said in that reading is guiding me right now and it shook me out of my funk and reminded me why going through this painful transition is worth it. The fact that you didn’t know me but were able to tell that I spent a better part of my life shoving my emotions down and not allowing myself to truly feel was eye-opening. You also helped me understand about being more connected to my body vs. leaving it and how it’s playing out with my physical body right now. So thank you again for offering me your support and energy. I now see that it’s not about being broken, it’s simply about dismantling old patterns to make space for the new energetic shifts.

Celinne  Da Costa
Brand Story & Life Design Coach

I HIGHLY recommend a reading from Danielle as she gives a tremendous insight to the soul and its journey. Everything Danielle read about me was eerily correct and I look forward to understanding and developing my journey with this new found knowledge that clicked within me. Future gifts I have yet to uncover! Danielle delivers a complete and powerful knowledge of astrology. I honestly can say it was the most rewarding reading I have ever had.

Christopher Atkins
Actor, Los Angeles

Just want to give a special shout out to Danielle for giving me an epic reading today! Ladies, if you haven’t scheduled a reading, run to her website and gift yourself with this precious gem. Danielle is funny, smart, and extremely insightful. Her ability to read charts is other worldly and mesmerizing. She is truly gifted and the best part is she delivers really valuable information with great ease, love and no judgment. I’m really blessed to have had this experience. Thank you Danielle. It’s really moving to hear someone else speak about your soul in a magical way. Many oohs and ahs and laughs too!

Miami, FL

Thank you so much for this beautiful reading. I have actually already listened around 3 times. It feels really good to listen to. You mentioned that I need to work on MY values and MY self worth and worthiness. While career wise also forging my own path. I have invested in a program with a coach that I love and trust that will help with just that. It all lined up. Thank you for this beautiful reading. You are such an inspiration to me. You provide so much information in such an authentic and loving way. You are a gift, Danielle. Thank you so so much for all of your work in this world. Total Fan and Believer in your Work!



Danielle was very friendly and informative in providing me with the details about my astrological chart. Her organized and logical approach was also very informative in describing the astrological circumstances of my birth chart and was very educational in describing the science of astrology. Danielle’s in-depth knowledge of astrology and its application to the universal laws of nature was very beneficial in helping me to understand the significance of my soul purpose, karma, and destiny relative to the astronomical information. What I most appreciated was her insightful intuitive ability to provide meaningful, healing and enlightening and relevant information that I can apply to improve and understand my life journey. I highly recommend her to help you get clarity in the purpose of your life, the divine timing of the energy universe, and in understanding the karma and healing that your soul is achieving.

Geof Jowett
Intuitive Medium, Palm Springs

Hi Danielle, I just wanted to send you a quick thank you again for working with me yesterday and shining a light on my shadow side. I really appreciate your straight forwardness, I believe its just what I needed to help open not only my eyes but my mind too. Today I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what you said and Im already starting to notice a shift in energy. I feel more grounded today and you really brought to my attention how much I stay in my head space and not nearly enough in my heart space which is why I struggle with speaking my truth, which ultimately is my whole reason for being born under Mercury Retrograde this lifetime because I didn’t get it right a previous lifetime. Now that you pointed that out to me, Im more determined than ever to step into my truth so that history doesn’t repeat itself. Thank you for keeping it real with me and forcing me to dig deeper. Much love and respect!

Thanks for the reading today, total highlight of my year so far! There’s so much coming my way and I really appreciate the time we had to discuss everything . Some things felt like I knew (hello Saturn in the 7th house, I see you) and some things took me completely by surprise. Where I want to stay quiet and small, you tell me I’m destined to use my voice and help other heal. It’s scary/exciting/and humbling to think about. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance today, I look forward to speaking with you again!

Vancouver, Canada

I just wanted to say thank you again for such a lovely conversation and interpretation of my birth chart. I was very meaningful to hear you break it down and to hear an understanding on a soul level why certain patterns or situations have/are happening. It allows for a deeper trust in myself to surrender and let go and learn a little more of why my soul is here and know I’m being guided. I can see why I have resistance in certain areas of life, but it’s where I’m going to be pushing through and growing. The relationship stuff was an eye opener yet can see how it’s playing out and understanding my work/purpose since my Saturn return has eased the wonderings if the changes I’ve been making to be more in the healing modalities made sense for me. I cannot wait to listen again and just absorb it all and now see where the flow takes me!! And spending time tuning into my intuition to keep the soul communication open! Thank you for your gift! It was so wonderful to take this time and have a reading with you.

Edmonton, Canada

I just wanted to say thank you. Although I don’t think thank you is quite enough. You are inspiring! I had tingles through my hands today and the only other time I’ve had this is after I first met Belinda (Davidson). You’re incredible at what you do and I really got a lot out of that one session. I’ll definitely be booking more. Thank you.


Danielle, my reading was so FIERCE! I’m still processing everything we covered. I am going to schedule the next session soon. Love love love working with you!!!!

Eerie, PA

Working with Danielle has been an awakening experience for me. She has taught me the difference of what my truth is and what I have absorbed from others including my family. Her approach combines the masculine energy of logic, of reading the details in my birth chart as well as the feminine energy of intuition by doing healing sessions to clear the blocks that were stopping me from pursuing my true desires for my life. By working with her, she taught me that my interests, feelings, and passions were exactly the experiences my soul needed. She also opened my eyes to the hidden talents and how I can utilize them to get me to where I want to be. Working with her has truly changed how I feel about my life. Before our sessions I would feel low on energy, feel like life was a struggle, confused, and had shoulder pain for 5 months. Since my sessions with Danielle, I feel more intuitive, understand what is my truth, have more flow of money, and my shoulder pain is gone! I received a promotion at work that was being prolonged for months and in the middle of our sessions, I was finally offered the position! Not only that, I decided to boldly negotiate my salary to get paid more than the average because I felt more empowered to know my worth. I definitely know it was due to the healing sessions with Danielle that helped clear that block. I also had right shoulder pain since December. Somewhere along our sessions, my shoulder pain disappeared! The most important benefit was gaining the clarity I was looking for about my life. Ever since I was 4 to 5 years old, I always knew I wanted to help people. Along the years when I thought I was helping people, I was just taking on their problems as my own. The sessions with Danielle helped me heal myself. I also learned from Danielle that my intuition is correct about my desires for love, family, and work is meant to be from reading my birth chart and that I have the strength and power to make it happen. I feel that no matter how old you are, these sessions will give you the clarity you need to live a happier life. To some, being 26 years old is too young to worry about my desires for my life not coming true. Danielle however was able to see that my soul has past life worries and that the transits show that I’m going through an internal shift so that I can create my desires externally. I highly recommend the packages she offers since she’ll help you understand your strengths and what you’re meant to learn and experience in this lifetime. The healing sessions have helped me feel lighter, happier, and optimistic about my life. No matter when you find her, it is the right timing for you and there is a reason why you have an interest in learning more about your path and healing yourself.


I want to hank you for the SOULover sessions I recently had with you.  You have opened my eyes to what lies before me.  You are so detailed and all this information really helped me realize all that I went through, that I am not crazy, all that has happened is for a reason and that I should go with it.  You have strengthened my faith and I look forward to what will come. I am glad I was led to you because this is exactly what I needed at this point in my life.

San Dimas, CA

One of the best things I have ever done is meeting Danielle and having SOULover sessions!! I loved it so much that I booked more sessions to speak to her on a monthly basis! If you are looking to add more meaning, grow, and make change in your life I highly recommend it. She is amazing and has brought so much clarity to my life in the short time we have met!! The work she does is nothing short of genius! Anybody who has the chance to work with her has been so blessed! Thank you so much again for all that you have done to help me get to where I am today! You are truly a blessing to me! Thank you for all your love and support this past year, I look forward to working with you again soon.

Putnam Valley, NY

I‘ve heard many say, “I threw that parent manual out the window long ago” Duh, each kiddo has their own manual! Our session today gave me so much insight and an opportunity to RETHINK and approach parenting differently FOR HIM. I forever will be the advocate that there is a manual, a blueprint to work from. Your gifts are amazing. Thank you!

Craig (a reading for his son)
Madison, WI

I did not know what to expect when I signed up for Danielle’s birth chart reading – I never had this done before.  It did not take long for me to realize how talented Danielle is, and how reveling and insightful the reading can be.  Like most people, I wanted to know more about who I am – personally and professionally.  Danielle’s reading was most helpful in clarifying and confirming my professional path, aspiration and opportunities for growth and fulfillment.  On the personal side, the reading helped me understand why previous relationships did not work, and what I need to do to remedy that.  All in all, it was an eye opening and mind expanding exercise, which I recommend to anyone.

San Francisco, CA

Through a very roundabout way, from one website to another, I was led to you.  I now feel that you were meant to come into my life at that exact time.  As you know for six months or so I had been treated for clinical depression and was feeling hopeless.  Even with therapy I just didn’t think there was anything I could do to feel better.  But the SOULover package sounded like something that would give me some clarity. Reading my chart with your vast knowledge of Astrology, you gave me several “aha” moments when you described my character, motives, and past behavior patterns.  There is a reason for all that we are and for what we do.  After the third and fourth healing sessions I truly began to feel my depression lifting.  My friends and family noticed the difference in me too.  It seems too good to be true that I now have a path set out before me and with my new understanding I can become whole, happy, and healthy.  I am so grateful that you happened into my life when I needed it the most.

St. Paul, Minnesota

I can’t thank you enough Danielle! Everything you said had such a huge impact in the most wonderful, positive way which I can and will use to help my entire being. I am in awe of your ability and so grateful to be able to have gained so much insight from your reading… everything you shared was so spot on it was uncanny! You have already helped me gain a stronger connection with my soul and a confidence in the feelings I’ve been experiencing because of what I felt was confirmation for me through your reading. I’m even more excited to grow and have been telling everyone to call you!!

Pittsburgh, PA

Danielle is an extraordinary talent. So exceptional that I can’t even put her in the simple category of Astrologer. She is a true healer with an intuitive gift that transcends this plane.  Her ability to connect is remarkable, as she tunes in to your birth chart, and well beyond as she begins healing your energy.  My reading with Danielle was over 2 hours as she explained my chart & patiently answered all my questions.  Everything she said resonated with all my experiences, past and present. I felt as though she had a real window into my heart and my true purpose… in life and in love. The reading helped me understand myself in ways I hadn’t before. From Danielle I have learned to listen to my own intuition and tap into my own healing energy.  She helped me find something intangible, deep inside myself, which has made me a better teacher, friend, and person.  A truly invaluable experience.

Elise Joan
Yoga Instructor, www.elisejoanbliss.com

Absolutely divine timing and divine intervention finding you Danielle. Working with you has truly been life changing and I cannot thank you enough for the renewed sense of joy and excitement I have for my potential in this lifetime! It has brought so much clarity, focus and meaning to both my true soul’s calling and purpose and a greater awareness and understanding (not to mention new-found appreciation!) of my own unique gifts and talents which has been the absolute greatest gift. I’ve had astrology readings before but nothing quite like what you offer. You went deep into breaking down my birth chart but did so in a way that was grounded and very easy for me to understand and process. The information and guidance I have received from you has been absolutely invaluable (honestly, you just can’t put a price on this work) and I will certainly be referring back to all that was discussed in the recordings for years to come! So much juicy stuff!!
I think the biggest surprise for me though has been the power and potency of the healing sessions that we did (and continue to do) in acknowledging and pinpointing limited beliefs that have been holding me back for soooo long. It has been incredibly freeing and such a sense of release felt after every session and is most definitely changing me in ways I never even expected or thought possible. 
This is without a doubt your true calling here in this lifetime Danielle. You are brilliant at what you do, not just a brilliant astrologer but a powerful healer and psychic and most importantly a beautiful, caring soul who lovingly holds space in every session, so that I felt completely safe, loved and supported to fully open up to heal and grow towards embracing my truest self and my own unique gifts. Forever grateful for you Danielle and look forward to continue to work with you throughout my life not only as my go-to astrologer but as one of my gifted mentors and spiritual coaches. Thank you, thank you, thank you 


Working with Danielle has truly been one of the most profound & transformational experiences of my life!
When we started our work together I had just recently launched my online business. I was feeling timid about my work, and I had a ton of self-doubt & fear. Danielle helped me identify blocks I had & recognize all the places my ego was getting in my way. She helped me develop tools for eliminating my self-doubt. And she helped me embrace my self-confidence in a way I’d never been able to previously. After working with her, I am so much more grounded in my life. I no longer get swept away by self-doubt. I no longer spiral down dark tunnels of negative thinking like I used to. I can more quickly & easily recognize the moments when my ego is running the show, and alter my perspective – giving me a much healthier, more positive outlook, and a deeper acceptance of myself. Today, I am a stronger person & a much more confident business woman than I was when we started working together. I know Danielle has had a profound impact on my life in general, but her impact on my business is absolutely immeasurable. Working with her supercharged my motivation, my confidence & my business. She’s amazing and I looked forward to our sessions every week. It always felt like I had an appointment with my best friend. She’s super easy to talk to. She’s fun and funny. Working with her was one of the best experiences of my whole entire life. Danielle – Thank you so much for all your support. You’ve been an incredible teacher. Thank you for helping me get to this point. Mostly, I just want you to know you were amazing to work with. I really looked forward to all our chats & I know I’m in a totally different, much more confident space after having spent so much powerful time with you!

Seattle, WA

I appreciate the reading you gave me so much! It really changed my life. I figured out what I would like to do (Career) and I am plugging all of my energy into it right now. It hit me fast and furious, and I am going to really make sure to apply all that you told me to get the most out of it. I am using my creativity, my voice, my communicating skills, and I  have already been incorporating sharing and deep intimacy into my life. I’m SURE that if you looked back into my chart, you would see a large shift from where we were a few weeks ago!  By doing my chart reading I gained a lot of confidence that I didn’t have before. It enabled me to let some walls down and really focus on what I need to do to be a happier more successful person! Thank you for that!

Irvine, CA

I had a phenomenal, insightful, accurate, and action-orientated reading with Danielle today! Feeling wonderful and so inspired! Highly recommend her!

Boca Raton, Florida

Thank you for being such a blessing in my life..I have no words to express how much you have helped me and continue to be that reminder for me to stay true to my path…xoxo Thank you universe!

Chicago, IL

I wanted to take a moment and let you know just how glad I was to have signed up for and experienced your SouLover package.  Your ability to combine your in-depth knowledge of astrology with your path as a healer all coupled with your intuition is so unique and creates a fantastic experience for your clients.  The areas you highlighted in my chart and the connections you made with that information to my life path further reinforced for me the changes I am making are in alignment with my purpose.  Also, the awareness you provided me with regarding my South Node (past lives) and other karmic influences will be very valuable in helping me to shed the old and move forward into the new. I am truly grateful for having been introduced to you and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Rhode Island

I had my and my children’s birth charts read by Danielle. I was looking for a way to make sense of astrology and understand how we are affected by what is happening in the grand scheme of things. I was also wanting to nurture my children in a way that aligns with their individual purpose (as opposed to the direction I think their purpose should be as a mother).
For myself, specifically, I wanted to get clear on my true purpose as well. In the reading itself Danielle broke down what all the astrology terms meant from a spiritual perspective that shed light on what I hadn’t realized within me. I realized that I have planets in a certain house that represent tremendous self-doubt and that I was meant to shine and be a heavy-hitter and that with my free will I can choose to rise and move toward my purpose. It was the right time to hear this because I realized how much fear was holding me back from opening my own yoga studio. Since the reading, I’m in the process of securing a lease! I can’t thank Danielle enough. I love her wise insight, she’s inspired and it inspires me and many others. Gratitude and love.

Leah Slagenwhite

I want to say thank you for my reading, I have always wanted to have my chart read and I am so glad that the wave lengths of the internet and social media lead me to you. I was not quite sure when or how to thank you, but tonight just feels like the appropriate time. I was lead to your instagram this evening after yoga, and I just knew. There have been so many things that have been consciously awakened within my soul from just a few points that you pointed out. The most significant was revealing my 12th house in Leo and my Saturn return. You were also amazing at giving me the green light to tap into my psychic abilities. It is such a gift to be able to see and hear what is for not only my highest good but others. You have given me the courage not to not hide my lovely spiritual items around my apartment and to truly be proud to say that I AM spiritual. Thank you for giving me courage that I always knew was there but was never fully supported to release. This new journey that I am on is amazing. It was been life changing in ways that I would not have been able to understand a year ago. Words cannot express my gratitude to you that I am not alone in this world to explore the depths of astrology, spirituality, and oneness. I hope that you have a wonderful evening and I look forward to continuing my exploration of self with you in the near future. With Love and Light.

Washington, DC

Thank you so much for the wonderful astrology reading Danielle, you have an amazing gift and many will find great understanding and tremendous healing from all you offer. As I told you, I did have an astrology reading about four years ago from “X”.  He’s supposed to be quite good and I was pleased with what he provided but his information paled in comparison to the depth and detail that you offered.  You saw the me that was buried in the deepest recesses of my being, all the little hidden places and feelings.  This depth doesn’t come from just “learning” astrology it only comes from deeply “feeling” the meanings.  Many people can learn astrology and learn it very well but I believe few have the ability to feel the individual truth of each person that is hidden in each of the planets and their alignments at our birth.

Reno, NV

I wanted to share something with all of you. I started working with Danielle in October. I knew that something big and important was missing in my life and I was scared to really live. I was living in a new city and was afraid to go out and explore unless I was with someone else or could get to it by car (like target or a mall). I allowed one very negative work experience to deeply effect my self worth and I didn’t want to work anymore. I somehow convinced my husband that I shouldn’t be working after we moved and he agreed. Essentially my life was VERY small. I started working with Danielle and my energy and doing chakra cleanses. Without even realizing it, there was shift. Danielle says it all the time, the change when working with energy is subtle and not a “Come to Jesus moment”. Through my life I’ve gotten really skilled at minimizing the good things and little wins (I’m working on it) so I feel like it was even harder for me to notice the change. For the last two weeks I’ve been job hunting and I got quicker than I’m used to responses and interviews. At each interview I felt it was important that I be open and honest and explain that I would be out of the state for the entire month of June for vacation, a wedding and an important family event. Each company was completely accepting. In fact, I got an official job offer this morning! They are giving me June off and are paying me more an hour that I asked for! Oh, and it’s right down the street from my apartment and I can walk there! And it’s all been EASY. I said it during a session with Danielle yesterday and I’ll say it again: Now that I’m working with the Universe, the Universe is working with me. Just because you don’t notice the subtle changes doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. One day you will wake up and see how these subtle changes turned into something big and wonderful and beautiful!


My life was at a crossroads when I reached out to Danielle. I didn’t feel like my life was making much sense, I felt stuck, down and out and I was frustrated. Through my chart reading, Danielle was able to provide me with a deeper understanding of myself. She was able to explain why I do or don’t do certain things. Why some things make me tic and others don’t. She was able to show me what I wasn’t able to see before or was too afraid to look. This newfound knowledge brought me an overwhelming amount of comfort and a sense of calm that had been absent for way too long. Danielle has incredible insight, she’s brutally honest while managing to deliver that honesty in the most compassionate way and she is well tuned in to her gift – and what a beautiful gift that is. Certain people come into your life for a reason and if you are lucky enough to come across Danielle seize the moment. Bring her in. You will only be better for it.

Newport Beach, CA

Danielle thank you so much for my comprehensive birth chart follow up today! It confirmed everything we discussed a couple months ago and motivated & encouraged me beyond words. I’m so happy to know I am moving in the right direction. Thank you for your intuitive and in depth reading once again, it helps me stay motivated to remain on course and follow my life path and destiny. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Your wisdom and talent truly are a gift. Thank you for the guidance.

Santa Monica, CA

I highly recommend everyone doing a chart reading with Danielle. I had no expectations and the whole experience really blew me away. Danielle was dead on with identifying my personal traits as well as goals and needs for my life and what paths to stay on in order to fulfill my destiny. Everything she said made complete sense and was tailor made for me. Danielle is very gifted with her talents, intuition, and psychic abilities so the experience is much more than just an astrological reading. If you want to get clear on certain things in this life (or a past one) this is a great thing to do as it can help guide you, know yourself better, and really embrace the journey. I wouldn’t go to anyone else! The whole experience was so fun and totally worth it! What are you waiting for? Book it!

London, England

There is a beautiful quote from Einstein that goes like this: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”and you made it all so simple and easy to understand. Thank you so much for a really beautiful, enlightening, and powerful experience. I would like to think that I’m a highly intuitive person and I can tell you that this is definitely your precious gift and that the world will benefit greatly because of you and the amazing work you do.Thank you so much for all that you have shared with me and for helping me realize where I need to focus more in order to continue my soul’s work. You are a really beautiful soul and I’m really grateful I got the chance to be in your presence and benefit from all that you have shared with me.

Luminita Saviuc
Creator of Purpose Fairy website

Having my birth chart read by Danielle was absolutely one of the most profound experiences I’ve had in learning about and understanding myself. It’s also something that has helped me when looking at the major transformative cycles I’m undergoing so I am reminded I’m not completely losing my mind.

Serendipity- Making the Chance of Healing a Reality

Thank you for your sweet note – I feel like the SouLover package was exactly what I needed to continue on the path to becoming my truest self! I had been meditating and dabbling in spiritual work for a few years, but the SOULover process helped me to identify aspects of my life that were being neglected (hello, creativity!) and gave me the confidence and compassion to shed habits and relationships that were no longer serving me. AND I loved working with you – although we have never met in person, I consider you both a teacher and friend and genuinely appreciate the light, love, and humor you brought to each session.

Washington, DC

I will listen to the replay over and over again, because of all the powerful messages you shared, and because I KNOW I NEED IT! My soul needs it. And I’m preeeetty sure I didn’t catch half of the golden nuggets in the call during the first time!  


Danielle’s unique, creative style and whimsical writing voice really captured my interest, and not only that but she seemed to understand and interpret the complexities of her craft with thorough comprehension and intelligent precision. Not only did she deliver, but she absolutely blew me away, in several different ways. To begin with, she talked with me for a good solid hour, giving me an astoundingly clear and descriptive analysis of the signs, planets, houses, and their integrations in my chart. She was so acutely conscientious of my own understanding and it was obviously important to her that everything she said be crystal clear for me, and it was. Her interpretations were astounding, and absolutely everything she said I recognized on an immediate personal level. I related to every single element she indicated in my chart, and this served to both help give me a little guidance regarding my next steps in my life and what I could proactively do, as well as gave me the confidence and grace to move forward into whatever manifests in my future with comfort. As time went on, I saw each point she made in my original reading develop and I saw the outcomes come into fruition before my eyes…I couldn’t believe it. I have been a habitual skeptic of many things for much of my life, but I’m an absolute believer in Danielle. Her accuracy is astounding, her predictions based on the information in my chart were 100% spot on. She gave me suggestions on actions I could engage in myself to improve situations, and after I indeed made effort to make those changes, positive outcomes resulted. I’ll be a lifelong customer and advocate of her work. No one else I’ve seen can touch her talent.

Dallas, TX

I feel relieved after talking with you. What you shared with me brought so much clarity. I feel like I can calm down and slow down now. I can’t thank you enough!

Eureka, CA

I really appreciate your reading and your insight. I felt like I really connected with you because you’re very down to earth! The reading reassured me and gave me more perspective that I really needed. It also gave me faith that I am not doomed and not a complete failure.

Toledo, OH

Danielle, thank you for your astro update videos they are soooooo helpful! Also because I love learning I enjoy them very much (I’ll be one of the pre-order buyers on the list when that book of yours is released). You ARE at Gabby’s level and BEYOND because we get to interact with you on a personal level in this group, you share your personal life (the happy and sad parts) with us, and we are able to share with you. I feel extremely lucky that I have been able to work with you, and planning to keep working with you! Starting from my first reading with you two years ago, I got so much insight about myself in that very first hour alone I was able to understand myself on a whole other level. Even though I wasn’t able to work with you till recently again, as weeks and months went by a lot of things were still being put in perspective and making so much sense just by listening to the recordings. I feel like I’ve had this bubble around me keeping me in my comfort zone and “safe”(so I thought). Having been able to work with you has started to open me up! My ego wanted to cover it up, but my soul is excited to break free! And my soul seems more fun to be honest so I’m going to follow it! Thank you so much for your time, energy, knowledge, patience, and especially for your LOVE!

Los Angeles

Thank you so much!! It was so great speaking with you. Your reading was amazing, worth every penny! I am so glad that the Universe connected me with you. The tools and the input you provided were head on. I am listening to our conversation again, and it is like a breath of fresh! Thank you, I will talk to all of my friends and everyone I know and refer them to your site. You were a miracle for me to today! Take care & blessings to you.

Boston, MA

I admit that I was one of those people afraid of what might be discovered in my birth chart…I waited months before I booked my reading because I wasn’t sure if I would like what I about to hear. I am happy to say that I was afraid for nothing!! My birth chart reading was one of the most interesting things I have experienced… Not scary at all.Learning about the placement of the stars the day you were born and how they move throughout your lifetime and the effect this has on you is fascinating to say the least! Danielle is a kind spirit sensitive to your fears and needs… a true professional. If you are thinking about doing…. Just do it!! . Thanks Danielle!

Pittsburgh, PA



And one step closer to connecting
to the wisdom of your soul!