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New Moon in Virgo – time to clean up your act

Update: Today (August 25th, 2014) is the last day to purchase the SOULover package and receive your free custom essential oil bottle, mantra, and activation instructions. Essential oils are powerful tools for healing as they access the limbic system in your brain where you store emotions and memory and can help reprogram from the inside […]

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Full Moon in Taurus – Embrace the Goddess Within.

Can you feel it? Sunday’s (11/17/13) FULL MOON in Taurus (at 25 degrees) is almost here….. Themes with this full moon are: values security comfort stability building something tangible self worth love money and your resources – tangible and non tangible. This full moon is highlighting an area of your chart that is asking to […]

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New Moon, New Year…New Transformation!

Plenty to celebrate tonight (February 9th) with a NEW MOON at 22 degrees of Aquarius as well as the start of the Chinese New year – the year of the water snake. The snake is the archetype for the sacred feminine, wisdom, healing, and transformation!  It’s time to activate the parts of yourself that have […]

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