2024 Astrology Forecast – Replay

A cosmic MASTERCLASS designed to help you understand the ENERGY & THEMES OF 2024 even if you
don’t know Astrology!


Soul Link

This upgrade will help you integrate your soul with your human so that your miracles can land in the juiciest parts of your heart.

Reading Your Child’s Chart 

Astrohack 5 is made to help you understand the code to your child’s soul BLUEPRINT & learn to nurture them the way THEY need

North Node

Astrohack 4 will show you how to find your North & South Node to help you understand one of the main reasons you incarnated on earth!

Level 1 – Learn To Read The Language of The Stars

This course is a window into your soul contract and the only course that is going to tell you what and how to use your PERSONALIZED energy for career, purpose, love, money, your gifts and so much more!

Coming Soon!

Level 2 – Deeper Into The Mystic

This class builds on the material from my Level 1 Astrology Mystery School or if you have a basic understanding of Astrology from prior knowledge or a teacher that is great too! In this course we go deeper into the mystic and unravel the hidden aspects of your birth chart to help you understand even more about your soul contract!

Level 3 – Going Quantum

Welcome to the next layer of the matrix. The more you learn to decode it the more you master your life and break free from the programs that are keeping you limited.

You will learn a deeper understanding of how to allow your personality self to work FOR your soul
– not the other way around.

In level 3 – Going Quantum, you will take a deeper dive into your chart as well as fill in the
missing links of your soul imprint.

AMS Bundle Levels 1, 2 & 3 (Instant Access)

Purchase the full Astrology Mystery School bundle to dive in right away and understand your soul contract!
missing links of your soul imprint.

Karma Codes: Saturn Return and Saturn in Your Birth Chart (Astrohack 3)

2 Hour Masterclass & Workbook

You will gain claritydirectionpurpose, and understand what your soul needs to step into because when you do Saturn rewards you but you must be willing to put in the work. This is the magic of Saturn, it promises where you’re going to excel in this lifetime.

 If you’re new to
Astrology start here

Learn how to read your birth chart.

Become a wiz at locating important degrees in your birth chart.

For return clients after
completing Astrohack 1

Learn how to track your unique Progressed Moon Phase to better understand the current life cycle that you’re in.



And one step closer to connecting
to the wisdom of your soul!