Cosmic Babe Bundle Weekend Sale

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Karma Codes: Saturn Return and Saturn in Your Birth Chart

2 Hour Masterclass & Workbook

You will gain claritydirectionpurpose, and understand what your soul needs to step into because when you do Saturn rewards you but you must be willing to put in the work. This is the magic of Saturn, it promises where you’re going to excel in this lifetime.

2021: Your Cosmic Blueprint

Instant Access (Recording)

A cosmically jam-packed 2-hour webinar unveiling the energies of 2021 so that you can gain a deeper understanding on how to navigate your year ahead. Includes: 2-hour recording, a meditation and a PDF presentation with important astrological dates.

Astro Hack Bundle

Astro Hack Series 1 and 2 for only $89

Learn how to read your Birth Chart and how to track your UNIQUE Progressed Moon Phase

 If you’re new to
Astrology start here

Learn how to read your birth chart.

Become a wiz at locating important degrees in your birth chart.

For return clients after
completing phase 1

Learn how to track your unique Progressed Moon Phase to better understand the current life cycle that you’re in.

Level 1 – Learn To Read The Language of The Stars

Big News! Level 1 live will be launching again in 2022! Please join the list to be the first to grab the early bird discount.

Level 2 – Deeper Into The Mystic

This class builds on the material from my level 1 Astrology Mystery School or if you have a basic understanding of Astrology from prior knowledge or a teacher that is great too! In this course we go deeper into the mystic and unravel the hidden aspects of your birth chart to help you understand even more about your soul contract!



And one step closer to connecting
to the wisdom of your soul!