A practical approach from this realistic Taurus ­čÖé

So….I’m traveling to London, Turkey, & Switzerland over the holidays for about 3 weeks. Doing it alone and then meeting up with a group. Don’t know anyone and super excited to meet new fellow wanderlust travelers from all over the world.

I’m doing this because I walk my talk. The holidays are always a hard time if you are single and I said to myself this year doesn’t have to be hard. I have the POWER to change that! I teach women to empower themselves so I WILL DO THE SAME!

This is not running. This is enjoying my life as it is rather than wishing I had a partner over the holidays. This IS taking the bull by the horns and saying, ok, this is my life and I CHOOSE TO LIVE IT UP!! I CHOOSE to EXPLORE rather then feel sorry for myself. I CHOOSE to make the most out of my current situation. No kids, no partner, and a heart that is ready to see more of the world!

(I’ve been fortunate to travel to Vietnam, Cuba, Kenya, South Africa, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China (twice), Brazil, France, Italy (twice), Aruba, Bahamas, Turks/Caicos, Mexico, & Spain…and I’m probably forgetting something! And this is what makes me feel alive!)

So then I tried to add on Egypt (it’s been a DREAM to see the pyramids) and I’ve been running into SOOOO many problems. So I had to stop and reassess the situation. I stopped pushing it.

I’m bummed. It’s been one of my dreams to go to Egypt but I have to trust there is a reason why it’s not working. Last night I kept thinking about it and I was pretty frustrated. Of course I’m excited about Turkey and I’m sure there are adventures that I’m going to have that I didn’t even know possible (magic!) but my heart was set on Egypt…..

Before I went to bed I opened my nightstand drawer and one of my angel cards literally flew out. My hand hit it and it popped up in my face.

The card —–> Blessing in Disguise!

I’m posting this because even though we know (I KNOW!!) that spirit drives the wheel and has the override many times, I’m human and I’m still bummed. It’s ok, it’s an emotion AND even though I TRUST it is meant to be it’s OK to still FEEL your FEELINGS!

So many times in the “spiritual” world we learn to trust spirit, yes, however, people preach about how if you trust spirit you shouldn’t worry about feeling your other feelings.


I say, trust spirit. AND feel your feelings BUT this helps put them in check. It helps ground them. If I didn’t trust spirit my feelings might probably be more emotional or more ungrounded but since I KNOW there is a reason I am allowed to still feel a little tinge of disappointment but it’s anchored in reality.

It’s still anchored in truth.

All will be ok.

I hope this story helps you more easily navigate the emotional waves that we call life.