It’s always darkest before the dawn…..we are in the Balsamic moon phase right now which is the “dark moon” this is not negative, this is a time to go within and connect with your intuition. Begin to call back your energy and expand your aura. Take up space in the physical world (Taurus) with your energy because you are worth it! (Taurus key word)

Today and tomorrow – if you’re tired, drained, and contemplative or even feeling extra emotional know that this is normal. Solar Eclipses stir up a lot of energy and as it shifts all around you, YOU, as an energetic being on this planet, are tapping into the rhythm of the Universe.

On Tuesday, April 29th at 2:14 am est we will have a new moon solar eclipse at 8 degrees of Taurus. If you’ve been reading my email newsletters you’ll know that I referred to this eclipse as the other piece of bread in the “April sandwich”…you’re finally ready to take a bite and enjoy your meal. We’ve had an emotional month so far and we are nearing the end of this roller coaster.

THIS new moon is more than just “planting seeds” as you will typically hear. This new moon is charged with energy that will shift something new and permanent into alignment for you as the eclipse occurs in grounded Taurus. With that in mind it’s important to make sure you’re filling up your life (right now) and aligning it with the values you hold dear to your heart.

Something permanent is coming and the foundation is being built. The Universe is laying your bricks, placing your columns, and (re)structuring your life so that the new gifts have something stable (Taurus) to flourish on. However, until that “rock” is formed practice releasing attachment to all that doesn’t serve you and let go of your old, stubborn ways that keep you resisting anything new as Taurus energy likes to hold on for dear life. (Hello stage five clinger!)

Taurus is also associated with the desire nature….the desire to have and the desire to hold. Ask yourself tonight and/or tomorrow what it is that you desire and then begin to FEEL those emotions. It’s about shifting your vibration – that is what the Universe responds to, not your logical mind.

Check your birth chart to see if you have any planets/angles near 8 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, or Aquarius if so they will be activated to express themselves in a new way. (Psst….you all have Taurus somewhere in your chart even if you aren’t a Taurus Sun).

Moving forward….

If the Lunar eclipse that we had on April 15th took something out of your life then the new moon solar Eclipses could fill that “area” back in. Of course it always depends on what is happening in your chart. Is it making a square to something? Then it might not feel like something is being filled in. It might feel more like you’re being forced out of something, however, that could just be what the Dr. ordered for your soul.

***Remember eclipse activity does not always happen the day of the eclipse. It can be a week to a month before or after and can build the foundation for up to 6 months following.  For example: the lunar eclipse hit Mercury in my chart which rules my 7th house of relationships and on March 11th I was eclipsed! Relationship splitsville! That’s just the way the cookie crumbles….however, have faith, just like I do, that in situations like these the Universe was making room for the right energy to enter.

Don’t worry so much about “what exactly is going to happen“.  My case was pretty literal; however, that was the trend with that eclipse cycle for me. You have to live your life, take action when needed, and also step back and receive  – allow the Universe to do it’s thing. It’s a partnership, a true give and take.

Please understand, and I say this with so much compassion, that you will not know everything and/or even understand how it’s shaping the larger picture for your journey….and you have to accept that. You are not supposed to know everything because you’re supposed to work through it and use your free will to make the best decisions to create the life that you desire.

I think too many people look for exterior events to happen when, for the most part, astrological transits are about shifts in consciousness, expansion, opening up, new ways of thinking and acting, and new behaviors taking shape.

One day we will all get to the place where these internal shifts are so much greater than anything that can happen in the exterior/physical world. And then when your exterior world does mirror your interior THEN you will know you have balanced your energy and are truly in the flow with your mind, body, AND soul. THAT takes time, patience, and commitment to change.

In the meantime enjoy this eclipse as every astrological event has the potential to bring you closer to your higher self and THAT is pure bliss….even better than a pair of Louboutins….really!

(Come on, I had to go there, we’re having an eclipse in Taurus here…the ultimate Material girl!)

For more information on Taurus energy and how to use it to tap into your gifts read more here.

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Happy Solar Eclipse blessings to you!