{Updated: September 2015}

I have so much info for you! Basically the 2015 party is about to get started and here’s your formal invite!

Knock knock….

Who’s there?


Change who?

Straight up change, yo!! (Umm, OK fine, I couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with it!) hehe.

But you get the point of where I’m going. (Don’t worry, it get’s better than my lame joke I promise!)

Change is happening and new levels of consciousness are shifting.


A solar eclipse is a special new moon. As we know new moons are a time of new beginnings

Sidenote: Did you know that “technically” there is still no light during a new moon? The light is beginning to shine so the energy is still a little blind. It’s wobbly. It will gain light as the moon “grows” (waxes) so be patient my dears. All things come in divine timing.

Getting back to the deets…

I want you to know that when we have a solar eclipse like this it will always follow up with a lunar eclipse. They come in pairs. Nothing is haphazard. There is a rhythm to everything even if it may appear as a coincidence. (Also important for life in general!)

When we have a solar eclipse the moon is between the sun and the earth and it cuts off light of the Sun…It’s (ahem) eclipsed!

When this happens because everything is energy…something in our lives is going to change. We will ALLLLLLL feel an eclipse. However, the strength of it always goes back to the activity in YOUR birth chart.

If you don’t know or are not sure where 20 degrees of Virgo is in your chart, don’t worry so much about it. It’s more important for you to be present in your heart then for you to be in your head analyzing it.

Even with me knowing astrology, I don’t sit there and study the aspects to my chart a lot because it takes me out of the present. I look, I observe, then I let it go and I LIVE MY LIFE because…..and this is important, even if you think you know how something is going to unfold, the UNIVERSE ALWAYS works in mysterious ways.

I gave up trying to figure everything out a while ago. That was one of my huge turning points in my inner growth. When you can actually let go and trust, you will have shifted your consciousness in a major (and I mean major) way!

psst…I guess that turned into lesson # 29803 on becoming more spiritually aligned and connected to your higher self.

And there you have it folks!

Back to the eclipse story….

As I mentioned in my Periscope video last night, solar eclipses are new moons on steroids. They carry with them LOADS and LOADS of energy that want to be channeled and harnessed in new ways.

In astrology, eclipses are connected to fate. They are connected to our soul’s purpose, they ARE the reasons we stay on our path.

As human beings we venture off our path every now and then. This is normal…it happens.

We see something bright and shiny over “there” and we say ohhh, ahhh…look at this. And then we go in that direction. We like distraction. We like instant gratification. We are a society begging for more of that.

But every so often we get reminded that the shiny thing in the window is nice to look at but it’s not really relevant to our path. So….we adjust…or in many cases…the universe adjusts us a realigns us with our purpose.

That’s what eclipses do.

When an eclipse hits a planet in your birth chart it says that planet (which is an energy) must “act” in a different way. It will change how it interacts internally and externally. Whatever happens during an eclipse cannot be undone. But that’s OK because you don’t need it for your path.

Activity: Over the next few weeks (more if you can) I want you to observe all the things that you are resistant to. All the things that you “THINK” you need even when the Universe is telling you no….dunzo…no mas….ain’t gonna work for you girlfriend….oh hellllll no…..sister, sister, just step away from that (insert whatever you want….man, woman, relationship, house, job, career, etc. etc).

I know you know what I mean my precious jelly bean!

We are in a sacred window right now.

A solar eclipse is always followed by a lunar eclipse which will occur on September 27th at 4 degrees of Aries. Plus, the ruler of this eclipse is Mercury and he will be going retrograde from September 17th – October 8th. This is important.

The ruler of the first eclipse will appear to be moving backward during the most sacred window of change. I repeat. This is very important.

What is also important is that this eclipse is in Virgo which is an earth sign. Earth signs move slowly. They are grounded. They are connected to the material world AND with the ruler going retrograde soon this is very telling. It speaks to me on this level…

With this new moon solar eclipse there are seeds that are being planted. They have been placed in the ground and some may be sprouting so all can see, however, there is still a lot happening behind the scenes….underground if you will…

Virgo asks for discernment and has a strong vibe of discretion. So, I want you to use discernment as you move forward. Know that things are shifting but you might not have all the details until mid October-ish (for some people).

Earth signs teach us to be patient and to keep moving forward with grace and with a plan.

Slow and steady wins the race with this solar eclipse. (We will have time to speed up as we get to Aries, but for now, it’s important to put one foot in front of the other and be aware of what is being presented to you).

You will have decisions to make in the near future. Virgo (and yes, this applies to you even if you aren’t a Virgo!!) is able to weed its way through the clutter and bs and find what is useful and efficient.

So as you move forward I want you to use your lens of discernment to decide what’s important in your life and what needs to go. How can you create new order and structures so that you will be more able to serve yourself, your family, or humanity as a whole? Where can you eliminate “the mess” in order to make space for more peace?

Virgo is also connected to sacred ritual and by that I mean the fun “stuff” we do for spirituality and also the day to day “stuff” that keeps us organized and connected to the earth plane.

Where can you streamline your routine?
How can you add more self-care to your life?
What do your current eating habits look like?

All these are connected to Virgo and they make us HUMAN because they are connected to the mundane…the earth plane…the physical world.

All of this keeps us grounded and IN our bodies so we feel SAFE and PROVIDED FOR. (Hellooooo root chakra activation!)

If you feel like you’re ungrounded then now is a great time to add more routine and rituals to your life so that you can pause and finally hear your breath in an often loud and overwhelming world.

Lastly, I will add that out of all the aspects to this new moon solar eclipse what jumps out at me (which is an ironic in the first place since this asteroid doesn’t jump, rather, simmers under the surface) is the opposition to chiron.

Chrion is an asteroid that (depending on the style of Astrology) can also be seen as a ruler of Virgo! Bingo. More connection to the puzzle pieces.

Chiron is silent in voice, but loud in pain. It is a “wound” that we all carry within us that vibrates under the surface. Chiron isn’t noisy but we sure as hell feel it deep in our soul.

This means that over the next 6 months (the window that unfolds for eclipses) we will be healing and also feeling some deep wounds that sit inside of us.

But there is an opportunity to serve (Virgo) because when we heal ourselves we heal others as well. These pains are also very connected to how we feel different and over the coming months we will find that we are not as different as we thought…we all have pain, it simply manifests in various ways.

When we can heal and share, we raise the vibration of others and the planet. This is the axis of Pisces/Virgo. This is how we serve, this is how we heal.

Blessings to you in this magical window of change. May you not push the timing of events, yet rather relax into your body (Virgo) to feel your deepest connection to yourself because when you do….this is when the world will change around you, and you will be free from the limits of your mind.

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