Whether you believe it or not you DO have a connection to spirit. It’s one of the beautiful gifts of being a human being.

However, it’s up to you (free-will) to tap into the energy that is all around you.

I promise it’s not as hard as you think. These simple steps can create huge shifts in your consciousness.

  • Start with intention.
  • Clear your mind chatter
  • Ask for guidance to help you connect
  • Listen with your heart – NOT your head.

Yup! Nothing too profound over here. But then again you have to remember that connection to your higher self and or your guides will start out very subtle. VERY. You might even mistake it for your own thoughts. Work with that for a while.

Before every client I close my eyes, clear my head, and ask for the most pressing information to help my client on their path.

I just had a client today and I was given information about issues related to her body/health. I gave her some tips on how to adjust this as clearly it is something her guides need her to pay attention to as she moves forward.

You don’t have to act on the information you are given but TRUST it. This will build a stronger connection for you.

Over time it will grow – just trust.

It’s like starting out with AT&T and then moving to a clearer connection like Verizon!

(No, they did not pay me to write that but I wouldn’t mind if they did!!)

Feel free to leave any comments below that have helped you in the past.

Picture credit: Dharma Doodles