Happy new moon shamanic healer (yes that is YOU!!)

This new moon is coming at a perfect time…well then…doesn’t it always?

Ah yes, the divine timing of life…so perfect…so beautiful..and always ON SOUL TIME….not ego time.

As I mention ego let me dive into our shadow since that is was Scorpio season is all about.

This new moon comes to us at 7 degrees of Scorpio which makes it even more spiritual. Seven is the number of the vibration of the seeker, the thinker, the it is the searcher of truth.

When we talk about truth we go beyond any illusion…which the material world is…every person sees the world through their filter…through their limited beliefs…through their preconceived notions.

Which is one you may interpret something one way and someone else sees it entirely different. It’s not to say one person is wrong…it’s just that…their mind, their consciousness, their perspective is different.

When we move out of our ego, our shadow, and our limited beliefs (which is the core of my work here on earth!!) we begin to experience the world around us differently. We begin to experience more joy because we are seeing it for as it TRULY is not what our old childhood beliefs imagined it to be.

Why am I mentioning all this?

This new moon in Scorpio helps us life the veil of illusion. It helps us come closer to spirit and our intuition.

Our psychic abilities are lifted because we see TRUTH.

On this new moon in scorpio that is making a trine (favorable aspect) to Neptune (the psychic planet) we have assistance from the Universe to go deeply into our hearts which is how we connect to spirit, intuition, and our higher self.

With the new moon also conjunct (touching) Mercury (which is about the mind and intellect) you also have a fair opportunity to work through your emotions in a more logical way.

New Moon Ritual

Because of this moon mercury conjunction we need to use it or lose it. The moon wants to feel. Mercury wants to analyze. So….you guessed it. It’s really important now with this energy to write down on paper any of your fears.

Here’s what I would suggest for this ritual.

1) Get in a quiet place. Light some candles, put on some calming music (for me that would be any international tunes! Hello north node in the 9th house!)
2) Take a few deep calming and clearing breaths
3) Clear your mind from the junk, the day to day, the static that is not important
4) Get quiet…again
5) Get out your paper and write at the top: My deepest darkest fear is…..
6) And then just write.
7) Don’t think, just write, let it flow. Even if you don’t “know” what that fear is, just surrender and relax and see what comes out. (This does not have to be perfect and you can repeat it as many times as you want. Note; that was for anyone who thinks it has to be perfect the first time. Drop that resistance right now) xo
8) Get clear on your fear.
9) Ask yourself….Why is it there?
10) Where did it come from?
11) Who taught you this behavior?
12) Why is it still prevalent in your life? What is it keeping you “safe” from? (Note: What is it keeping your ego safe from?)
13) Journal. Flow. Write.
14) I need to leave the rest up to you because your story will evolve from here.
15) After you are done. Rip up the paper and say:
16) Dear Archangels of the highest good. Please help me release this fear that is holding me back. Please help me replace it with positive energy that will help me in life and free me from these old wounds. Thank you thank you thank you and so it is.

Happy New moon in Scorpio. May you seek to find your light even if in the shadows of the night.

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