Soul contracts and your karmic responsibility::

It is not uncommon for people who have Saturn in the 4th house in their birth chart to have experienced a heavy childhood where they had to act as the parent in some way or take on a huge responsibility.
I’ve seen this time and time again in my clients charts so I know this energy was prevalent before I even have to ask them about it.
Sometimes though I ask and the client says no. Then when we get deeper it becomes clear that what they thought was “normal” existence was saturn working his energy in the 4th house.
As humans we adapt and accept things the way they are no matter how painful it was. We all do this to survive and in surviving we often numb out in order to deal.
As in Liz Greenes infamous book, Saturn, A new look at an old devil, she states, “Saturn always drives a man to understand the nature of his pain”.
This is very true.
You see we all have saturn in our birth chart somewhere and the placement of it shows where we will have delays and frustration. In doing so this is how we develop and learn.
I always compare Saturn to taxes, unless you’re an accountant no one really loves to do their taxes BUT you HAVE to. And in doing so you learn what you spent, how much you made, how much you lost etc. It’s the cold hard facts. You can’t deny them anymore.
All those avacado toasts that you’re posting on instagram! Yeah, oops they’re adding up aren’t they! 😉 (I plead the 5th…)
Back to the story.
But this is the important part. Saturn in the chart shows your karmic responsibly that your soul agreed upon in this lifetime. It goes back from another lifetime. There are many lessons throughout life with Saturn and the house that it’s in (the area of life) shows where these lessons will play out on your earth plane journey.
Saturn doesn’t go away. BUT it does loosen it’s “grip” as you age. You have experiences where you’re forced to go deep into this area and they are often filled with what appears to be blockages because it is slowing you down so that your soul learns how to master (yes master, that’s what saturn attempts to do throughout your life) the specific consciousness you are being asked to explore.
So let;s go back to Saturn in the 4th house. It means you have a soul AND human (because saturn is so closely connected to the earth plane) responsibility to build an inner sense of security and self acceptance based on a deeper understanding and trust of oneself.
This will be a major theme throughout your life and show up in many different ways AS WELL as a feeling deep in your psyche that you are (and often unconsciously) craving more security (inside as well as literally in the home life).
Often one parent (or both) is not present. (and this comes in many forms)
This happens so your soul can “step up” and gain “experience” here. This is where the soul development is taking place.
In the 4th house it’s the soul’s sense of security that was threatened when younger, before they were able to make conscious choices with their life. This is a tricky (but not bad!!) placement because in order for the soul to move through this the energy must be brought up to the surface from the unconscious and worked through. Which is why most people aren’t aware of this (depending on their age when they come to me).
We see out of our filters, flawed or not. But they are “normal” to us.
But here’s the thing. We all have saturn somewhere. It’s not a punishment, it’s simply a balancing of karma, the law of cause and effect. It’s a major life lesson that your soul needs to integrate for wholeness.
Now, I now people will say but the soul is always whole. And yes that is true but we come into the earth plane and we forget this wholeness, we feel the aches and pains in certain areas of our lives and it’s through these experiences that we ascend our soul and vibration.
I have saturn in one of the hardest placements in the chart.(not the 4th house) I often wondered why my soul agreed to this but as I grow and mature (saturn) I can see how it’s shaping me and honing my abilities so that I can master this area of life.
It’s not about what’s fair or not, it’s about the lessons your soul agreed upon.
**So please take this as a reminder that there is NOTHING that you are going through that you are not strong enough to move through. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy all the time (hello, that’s saturn talking!) but your soul wouldn’t have chosen it if it knew you weren’t capable.
And lastly, there is no finish line. I see a lot of younger clients and by that I mean anyone under 29/30 before your first saturn return (before your real soul purpose starts to emerge) and they say to me how do I just change this, how can I just make it better or “fix it”? (I asked the same questions)

But you see, as we mature and grow saturn becomes easier, it takes time (saturn) and it’s part of YOUR human experience – you mature with saturn just like fine wine