I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions such as, “When will I get married?” “Why aren’t I married yet?” “Is it going to happen etc…”


ALL valid questions of course! There are many ways to answer this and many things to look at in your birth chart in order to figure this out (everyone’s natal story is different so a good amount of investigation has to go into each chart individually which I do before each chart reading) BUT one general thing I can say is that your Saturn placement (house/aspects) may be the culprit…


Saturn is your BIG lesson, it’s your responsibility, it’s where/how you promised the universe you are going to work hard and become a master in that area of life…really because…it’s your Karma!! (gulp)


But have no fear (ironic I know since Saturn does represent a certain amount of fear) if you learn to embrace it and work with your Saturn energy then you will actually feel more aligned with your path because, like I always tell my clients, the planets know what they’re doing. Our egos like to disagree (of course they do!) but once we can tap into the true meaning of the planets energy and discuss how to use them for your highest good you will be rewarded – especially with Saturn.


If you are not married yet and you want to be then the first thing you can do is really start buckling down and start doing the ‘work’ and putting in the ‘time’ (a Saturn keyword) that you promised the cosmos you would do in this 3rd dimension. Again, it’s important to look at transits, progressions, solar returns etc. for each person before a reading to get their full, personal story BUT for better or worse, Saturn is the teacher that will make you do your homework and once you do I can promise that you will be richer (not poorer) on so many levels in the end.