The Sagittarius full moon which peaks tonight (6-12-14) or early morning (12:11 est) on Friday depending on where you live is activating my lens of knowledge, travel, adventure and not to mention sarcasm!

Here we go!

At some point we’re all going to be back in spirit (truth!) so for now why not do everything your heart desires?!

It really is simple…we just make it complicated….

That way you can look back on this life and say…….”I sure was a kick ass soul in that body/vessel I rented, wasn’t I?”

….I sure wish I NEVER stayed up late those nights laughing until my stomach hurt, talked to random people on the street to find out their stories, and jumped on a plane to Italy that one time….

…says no human ever!

Yes, it’s a Sagittarius full moon and the truth can sometimes cut like an arrow straight to your heart. But we also sometimes need to hear it and the energy of Sagittarius has no problem delivering it.

(You’re welcome. Feel free to leave a tip in the jar.)

The Full moon is at 22 degrees of Sagittarius which means the Sun is at 22 degrees of Gemini.

This opposition calls for balance between your higher and lower mind as well as a balance in all relationships as they are a mirror to your soul…oh and your scary ego that likes to react in ways it’s not so proud of too.



But ask yourself this. Are you seeing what you want to see? Or are you seeing the truth?

Full moons are a time of heightened emotions and again I don’t want you to think this is necessarily bad. Sometimes we need the water to spill over the glass in order to take action.

This full moon is also coupled with Mars and Pluto squaring off again throughout the weekend which adds a punch and some spice to energy that is already pretty fiery!

Mars and Pluto in aspect can bring up some deep seated anger but can also be a powerful vehicle for transformation.

Let go of any anger that comes up and realize that you’ve been holding onto it for far too long. It’s blocking your light and keeping you stuck in your old energy.

No mas! It’s time for new horizons and it’s time for new energy to enter your auric field.

Additionally, Saturn is making an opposition to Venus which is again calling for more balance in relationships and asking you to commit, to mature, and/or to be responsible in love.

It’s also asking you to get real in terms of your values and your self worth. If that’s been lacking or if you’ve been projecting it onto a partner it’s time to use the energy of the full moon in Sag and Venus/Saturn to help you re-structure your belief systems.

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you feel worthy?

If not, it’s time to get to work so you can begin to see the beauty in yourself that truly is the essence of your being.

…..Aim your arrow for the stars and expand beyond your current horizons. Reach for the truth in your heart and rely on your inner wisdom to guide you to unexpected miracles and synchronicities that light up your soul.

Happy full moon blessings to you!

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Artwork: Ascension By Waldemar Borwoski