Energy Change :::


There’s an abundant energy of faith and optimism in the air right now for everyone to harness. However, some of this will feel more muted and internal than normal….let me explain….


The sun has made its way out of water filled Scorpio and is now moving through the dynamic and fiery energy of Sagittarius.


The energy will feel as if something has been lifted and will continue to feel lighter as it begins to build more in the coming days. (Please keep in mind you all have your own personal cycles, this is the collective energy and only through a proper birth chart reading can as astrologer explain to you your personal cycles and timing for your soul).


There is a caveat to all this energy though, the ruler of Sag is Jupiter which happens to be moving through Scorpio for the next year.

This energy is more internal than typical Sag energy and it will bring about the need to TRUST your own INTUITION and have FAITH in yourself and your wisdom more so than ever before.


Sagittarius Energy :::


The vibration of Sag centers around expansion in all forms especially expansion beyond the logical mind (which its opposing sign of Gemini is the master of).

Sag is strongly associated with travel, philosophy, growth, learning, teaching, scholarly pursuit of laws and principles, and the search for the truth…universal truth that is!!

Sagittarius is the Centaur – half man, half horse.


The half man, half horse represents freeing one’s self from mankind’s animalistic nature and moving beyond the physical with the purpose of evolving the soul….aim high, while having your feet planted on the ground……and again aim for the quest of divine truth. They demand freedom, stimulation, growth and movement (whether in the mind or through literal lands).


There is a rawness to Sag that speaks the truth but herein lies the question. Is this truth THE truth or THEIR truth? No one will ever know because it all comes through each specific filter from the Universe and perhaps it’s a mix of both.This is the never-ending quest of Sag – to search and seek beyond that which one was taught.

But one thing is for sure, Sag will always think they are right! You know what I mean!

The centaur always carries bow and arrow and is known as the archer. If you notice, the arrow is always pointed up and aims high toward distant lands and the heavens which also translates to pointing toward the higher ideals of their visions.

These visions always go beyond what seems possible because they understand (and are growing into understanding) that there are no limits. We as humans only create those out of fear.


As above so below: Sagittarius rules the buttocks, hips and thighs so look to more release in those areas this month. We store our old emotions in our entire body, however, the thighs store a multitude of “past life” energy. If you are a sag rising, sun or moon in sag these areas of your body are ones that may be more problematic for you. The attention to these areas this month can shed some light on your physical pain.




Last month, while the sun was in Scorpio, the main focus was about cleansing and transforming from your core. Now, as we rung out the system it’s about utilizing the Sagittarius energy to reach higher than your mind can even comprehend. It’s about breaking free from those old self imposed limitations and reaching (literally) for the stars.


(Note: even if you aren’t a Sagittarius Sun sign you still may have it prominent in your birth chart. Do you have your moon or rising sign in Sag? If so, this adds a strong fire element to your personality)




Neptune is the planet of inspiration, idealism, compassion, emotional healing, empathy, psychic visions and creativity. It’s connected to the sign of Pisces and today it begins moving direct after being retrograde since mid June. 

Whenever a planet stations the energy is felt more intensely. Your dreams could have been very vivid over the last couple days and your emotions and sensitivity could have been at an all time high.

As Neptune moves forward it asks for you to move forward as well with more inspiration, more compassion, more optimism….there will be more of an ease now.

The shadow side?

It carries a lot of the same underlying ideals as the Sagittarius energy (their approach is different) so the combination can lead to heavy rose colored glasses. As always remember to balance…balance your heart with your head…..but never too much brain that it keeps you stuck.

Both sagittarius energy and Neptune need to move, they dance, they are free, they are wild, they are masculine and they are feminine, they are everything because you are everything within as well!

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