Public service announcement and relationship astrology::


I don’t mean to burst your bubble (oops yes I do 🙂 ) but any (astrological) sign can be with any astrological sign because it’s based on SO much more than your Sun sign.


When people tell me, oh I’m a (cancer, Taurus, sag, Capricorn etc) I’ve been told I’m a match with xyz I first try not to roll my eyes (sorry, it’s not your fault at all, it’s the people telling you this) and then I explain this….


(I want to educate and share the wisdom so here we go) 🙂


Each astrological sign has tendencies for sure and they are grouped in categories called elements.


For example there are Water signs (Scorpio, cancer, Pisces), Fire signs (Sag, Aries, Leo), Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo), and then Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini).


Each element has certain characteristics that let’s just say they “love”….they are natural to them. They don’t think about doing it. They just ARE that vibration.


(side note: Everything is a vibration. The planets and the constellations all have a unique vibration just like EVERYTHING on earth).


Water is about emotions and lots of psychic abilities

Fire is about inspiration and action

Air is about intellect and conversation

Earth is about grounding, structure, and sustainability


So yes 2 air signs would share a need for conversation, 2 earth signs would want stability, 2 fire signs might be gallivanting all around and excited to try new things, and 2 water signs will understand their need for emotional security.


HOWEVER……(drum roll please).


This is just a small fraction of what your soul needs.


Someone with a Sun in Taurus (earth sign) for example might have A LOT of planets in air signs (ahemmmm) or have a lot of activity in the air houses in their chart and so they actually desire someone else that they can converse with. Talking and intellect would be an aphrodisiac for them. (among other things!) 😉


Someone with a Sun in Sagittarius (fire sign) my have A LOT of planets in water and actually need someone else that is more sensitive as their inner world is so that they can understand them and feel safe to share.


Then there are the examples of balance. Someone with an Air sign in Aquarius may be lacking planets in water in their chart. That would make them very logical, less sensitive and not so huggy feely.


Because of this they may subconsciously look to a partner that has a lot of water in their chart (mind you that partner may not even be a sun sign in Pisces, cancer, Scorpio…they may have other planets in water signs) to balance them out.


That happens a lot in relationships. My father is an Aquarius with about 101838020928 planets in air. (ok my mars in leo is slightly exaggerating there!) He’s an aerospace engineer. He doesn’t have ANY earth in his chart. My mom is a Taurus (earth sign) and has a lot of planets in air (like him) and earth, she balances him out.


She always jokes that my dad is talking to himself…and the truth is he does! He has so much air and he’s a genius that sometimes his social skills are lacking. Think nutty professor but with a huge heart (moon in leo) that loves so much but sometimes has no idea how to express his emotions (feelings) because of all that air.


That’s where my mom steps in. She’s pretty much the mayor of her town. (joking…but close example).


So to go back to the beginning. Any sign can be with ANY sign because it’s based on so much more than that.


Where is their venus? How do they give and receive love? What are they attracted to?


If it’s a woman, where is their mars? What kind of energy/vibration turns them on?


Where is their moon? What are their instinctual behaviors and how do they tend to the home? Is that compatible with how you are at home? This is one of the most important things for living together.


If you are a man are you projecting your moon onto a women and looking for her to mirror those qualities tp you? Or are you a man that is owning your moon more?


Where is their south node? What intrinsic qualities do they have even more so than their sun sign? This tells more about them then the sun at times. The sun is where we are growing and evolving into.


So yes, it’s quite complex and it’s not a simple, I’m a X and I can be with X or Y.


You also have the nature vs. nature element AND the energy your soul brought into this lifetime from previous ones (it’s all in your energy field which makes up your vibration).


How you work through that and where you’re at on your spiritual journey in life depends on the kind of partner you choose. Which is why you often pick different types of partners throughout life.


As you heal your shadows and personas you no longer have to play out the wounds in relationships and you can tap into the higher expression of each sign in your birth chart.

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