Locating a point in YOUR birth chart:

Since many of you have been asking how to locate this in your own birth chart I included a copy of mine which is a great example because my natal Mercury is going to be hit by the eclipse.  (Please excuse the sloppy writing as it’s tricky to write in Photoshop).

Mercury rules my 6th house of work, 7th house of relationships, and my 9th house of expansion/philosophy (also where my north node is which marks a point of my destiny).

1)    To locate 25 degrees Aries in your birth chart look at the purple circle at the bottom of my chart. That is the symbol for Aries. (It will be in a different place in your chart). Then look to where I made the purple arrow this is the starting point of Aries, start here (on your chart) and count each tick mark. Each one is 1 degree. Move/count around the wheel in a counterclockwise direction until you get to 25 degrees of Aries. Do you have a planet or angle there?

2)    The blue line that I drew across to the top of the chart is the polarity point to 25 degrees of Libra. This is the axis (in my chart that is being activated). I will be dealing with 4th house and 10th house themes. Home, family, roots, foundation (my inner world) vs. career (my outer world). What axis is being activated for you? (FMLE = Full moon lunar eclipse). Note: the green planets on the outside of my chart represent the transits.

3)    Next, you can see that I circled mercury (in red) as it’s at 26 degrees of Aries and will be activated by this lunar eclipse.

4)    I circled my moon (in green) because as Mercury naturally squares my moon the eclipse will activate this as well. (More subconscious stuff coming up!)

5)    In this chart I used the Koch system so you can see that my moon falls into the 8th house which will be activated by this eclipse as well as my 2nd (when one house is activated the opposite is always as well). This can be identified by the maroon tick marks in the chart.

6)    It’s also very important to note that this eclipse will also set off my fire grand trine in my chart (represented by the orange triangle) which connects Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury. This is actually very beautiful and one way to look at it is it can promise and activate a beautiful, deep soul love (as mercury rules my 7th house of relationships, Saturn is the glue that holds things together and Neptune is divine connection).

I won’t go too much in depth with the rest of my chart because I don’t want to confuse you (too late, right?) but this is a good example of how Astrology is A LOT more complicated than just your sun sign….and I was just barely touching the surface in the above explanation.