I want to share with you what happened last night.

Yesterday, I had so many thoughts running through my mind (some good, but mostly bad)…old stories…you know the ones you replay over and over again in your head and you begin to believe.

Well, I knew I was in a low vibration, I can feel when that happens but it’s not always easy to get out of it. So I changed my plans and went to Kundalini Yoga – I knew I needed it.

(First lesson: Take care of yourself first so that you can be of service to others)


While in meditation there was so much mental chatter.

So much.

You know how that goes.

Then all of a sudden, in my mind’s eye, I saw a beautiful ball of light like the sun and suddenly it was as if I put ear phones on. That ball of light got brighter and all the mental chatter stopped.

My mind was silent again. I felt at peace. No more negative self talk of old stuff.

It was just pure silence and bliss. I felt like I was floating and I was able to hold that vibration long enough to acknowledge it and sit in that energy. Beautiful….it was.


A little after that I got a visit from the Goddess, Green Tara. Mind you, I’ve heard of her before but didn’t know much about her so she was definitely not on my mind…in fact nothing was at that moment!

(high five!)

I “saw” her and had an inner knowing she was there. That’s how it works. You just get a download and know something all of a sudden.

Ok……after getting over my initial, “Oh, yeah…there she is, in my head.” My second thought was, “oh shit, this stuff is for real!”

Side note:  I’m a very grounded and practical person who happens to have a deep connection to spirit. My logical mind will always be there. Luckily it’s accepting and allowing so much more these days. It’s allowing the magic to come alive…

I want to share a little bit about who she is with you so that you can ask for her to come forward and help you if her energy resonates with you.



“Tara governs the Underworld, the Earth and the Heavens, birth, death and regeneration, love and war, the seasons, all that lives and grows, the Moon cycles – Luna – feminine – creation.

Her name means, “Star,” and like the North Star in the sky guiding lost travelers, Tara appears to us when all is dark and leads us to a meeting with our inner selves. A secondary meaning is “Savior” in the specific sense of “She who carries us across the waters”.

Tara is an archetype of our own inner wisdom. She guides and protects us as we navigate the depths of our unconscious minds, helping us to transform consciousness, our own personal journeys of freedom.

It is the goddess Tara who helps us to remain “centered”. The myths of the Goddess Tara remind us of our “oneness” with all of creation and the importance of nurturing the spirit within. She also reminds us to connect back to our heart – where our spiritual self resides.

Green Tara is the embodiment of All-accomplishing Wisdom. She has one foot in worldly activity, the other in the profound peace of meditation. She protects against fears of all kinds.

How can we be smiling and relaxed, and at the same time swift acting? What would life be like if we were enlightened? In touch with our depth wisdom?

Tara is a model for women of how we can develop the power of peace, and compassionate skillful action. We already have the wisdom within us. Tara helps us bring it forth. She helps us care for our self and others and helps us live in our goodness, not swayed by fears.

She shows us how to live the deep insight of meditation, and apply that in action in the world. A good role model for mothers!”


It’s no wonder she came to visit…I was in my head all day, knew I was disconnected, and was replaying the “old tapes” (if you’re human…you have them!).

When this happens call on Green Tara or if you’re not comfortable with that then simply stop what you’re doing and connect back with your heart – All it takes is putting your hand on your heart and being there in that space.

Lastly, in case you need a reminder, here it is….

…your heart – your vibrant, beautiful, full and luscious heart truly has all the answers you will ever need.

– Sat Nam (truth is my identity)

ps- Did you miss my radio interview? If you’re wondering how Astrology and energy can help you heal listen to it here.

*information from: http://www.dakininature.org/cms/pages/dakinis/green-tara.php