• Can the key to healing our bodies and our planet lie in ancient wisdom and modern science?Join us for an enlightening discussion with Azra Bertrand, a renowned author, physician, and mystic, as he unveils the practice of biomancy, blending ancient wisdom with modern science. Azra illuminates how rekindling our innate magical abilities can foster healing and deepen our connection with the Earth amidst ecological challenges. Delving into the science of belief, we explore the transformative power of practices like blessing water and challenging inherited belief systems, illustrated by a poignant story of cancer remission.

      From reimagining viruses as catalysts for growth to exploring celestial influences, Azra guides us through a rich tapestry of healing and transformation. We discuss the significance of collaborative communities and introduce a new social app aimed at fostering safe connections. Tune in for a captivating conversation that harmonizes mystical insights with scientific understanding, offering practical tools for personal and collective well-being.

      Guest Info:

      Dr. Azra Bertrand is the Founder of Biomancy University and is a multi-award winning author, healer, teacher and mystic, renowned for his visionary merging of sacred science, myth and cosmology. He holds a degree in research biochemistry, as well as a doctorate from the Duke University School of Medicine.

      Biomancy University is an educational template of holistic reconnection to the biomagic of our body, and the hidden world of nature that is part of our spiritual ecosystem. Studying Biomancy will awaken your quantum biology so you can activate the innate, regenerative radiance of life force energy, which is your birthright, and reweave yourself into the living intelligence of Gaia. Biomancy is a scientific-magical path that is a new emergence of primal alchemy for our times. It also includes Ecomancy and the Plant Mystery School where earth magic and body magic merge.

      Learn more about Dr. Azra Bertrand and Biomancy University here: https://azrabertrand.com


      (04:17 – 06:06) Attracted to the Concept

      (10:51 – 12:34) Embracing Our Magical Gifts

      (20:43 – 22:12) Healing Lyme Through Clearing Beliefs

      (25:50 – 27:50) Healing Through Ancestral and Earth Magic

      (41:07 – 42:14) Activating Spiritual Power for Transformation

      (45:31 – 47:16) Indigenous Healing and Connection to Nature

      (50:50 – 53:06) The Nature of Time as Biology

      (55:06 – 56:00) Causes and Effects of Circadian Chaos

      (01:04:01 – 01:05:52) Magical Solstice Membership and Community