Danielle Paige speaks with spiritual medium and clairaudient Rebecca Rosen, who, for the past two decades, has served as an ambassador between the spirit world and our day-to-day world, relaying wisdom and insight from angels, guides, and those who have passed on to people seeking answers in the here and now.

Key Takeaways

The veil between heaven and Earth is getting a lot thinner. Every day people are starting to receive downloads.

It’s important to be mindful of when you are in your own mind. The use of meditation is important to get into a more neutral space where readings are more clear.

To be in your power means being in the now and not stuck in your head worrying about the future or wondering about the past, but the present.

When communicating with spirits, there are a host of different ways that communication comes through and it takes time to understand how to interpret things like emotions coming through or even a smell or taste.

There’s no reason to work with darkness. It can wreak havoc on life outside of reading times.

Heaven is a feeling, a vibration. Some people go towards that feeling. Some people have unfinished business and so their afterlife feels like summer school.


Rebecca Rosen

Connecting With The Other Side

Rebecca Rosen: Spiritual Medium, Author and Speaker Returns to Metro Detroit


“We all have different ways. It’s not a one-size fits all. We all receive psychic downloads differently. And so we have to know ourselves.”

“We have to raise our vibration. Figure out things that make you feel good. Raise your vibe. Lighten and heighten your energy. For some people it’s going to be being alone. For some people it’s going to be hanging out with friends.”

“When your root chakra is really solid and grounded and open it immediately expands the crown chakra. And then you have a clear stronger connection to intuition and spirit.”

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