In this episode, which was divinely guided by spirit…you will find out how, I had the honor of interviewing Internationally acclaimed past-life psychic, spiritual teacher, and author who was also a guest on Oprah’s Super Soul!

He is the real deal as I know first hand by having a reading with him as well. In our reading he touched on some core wounds that I have carried into this life to be worked out. I’ve had many readings and no one else has ever had brought to light these patterns that are the most significant in my life today.

But, after all that is his gift! He brings up past life patterns that are playing out in your life now so that you can learn to heal and release them and has he stated – everything is from past lives!

In this episode we talked about:

-Soul ages

-Signs of being an older soul

-Past life talents

-Developing your Intuition and empathy

-Soul types and how they are gifts you can use now.

-How we learn and have different experiences on the earth plane

-Why old souls pick intense families to speed things up

-Past lives and how we can remind our soul to let go of the memories so we can heal

-Spirit Guides and how to connect

-Plus! You will learn my soul age (I look good for being so old lol!) and find out if this my last life……

I truly loved this convo. It felt like two old friends reconnecting after not seeing each other for 200 lifetimes 😉

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