On episode 6 of Cosmic Body, Danielle continues with her healing journey and introduces her medical Intuitive who had a significant impact on her healing. Lyndsay Diamond is channeler, quantum healer, and medical intuitive who talks to us about the body from a quantum perspective and teaches us how she helped move the Lyme out of Danielle’s energy body so that her body and immune system could come back into balance and heal itself. Please note: Danielle is sharing her experience and in no way telling you what to do. She is offering an alternative perspective after western medicine failed to help. Please also understand that it’s important to continue supporting your body in the physical realm as well as the energetic realm.

In this episode you will find out:

How she got started.

How a cruise changed her life.

How she first connected to her spirit guide.

How we met as it was divinely orchestrated.

How I came to her energetically before we actually met.

What she saw my body was actually doing when I was “sick”

What really happens energetically during one of my astrology readings.

What our energy body is.

What illness really is.

The real meaning behind my illness.

How ancestral trauma stays in our body.

What happens in a healing session.

How she works with her guide.

What it means to track the body vs just read psychic info in your energy field (I always talk about this. So important!!)

How to connect with your body.

And so much more!


To contact Lyndsay:

website: www.lyndsaydiamond.com

Instagram: @lyndsay.diamond