New episode!!! This is for everyone even if you aren’t a parent because it will help you understand your childhood as well! Kids are our future and I’m so passionate about protecting them emotionally and physically. What I’ve seen is people will spend more time researching strollers than what they give their child AND how they learn to understand and support them in the way THEY need, not they way “we” need to heal our childhood wounds.

This is huge! And with the new generation of kids coming in they are more physically and emotionally sensitive which means they are YOUR teachers and WE need to change and adjust to match their consciousness.

In this episode I interview Peri Zarrella and you’ll learn about how her near death experience opened her gifts, how she was selected for the TV show, Psychic Kids, and what you can do to support this generation and understand them more.

We also discuss the tools people can use to strengthen their pathways as well as energy hygiene (which you know I’m all about!!), and how these quantum children are more aligned with the natural rhythms of earth. With this in mind it’s up to us to start changing how we approach this new frequency because they are here to usher in the “new earth” – we are the ones holding onto the past! Plus, at the end we also talk about spirit babies – hers, mine, and what it means!

On this episode we talk about

  • Why this is so important even if you aren’t a parent
  • How this new generation of kids can teach you so much about life
  • How to nurture your psychic child
  • How to recognize the signs that they are sensitive
  • How adding curiosity helps nurture them
  • And so much more!

I listened to this twice already! You may want to do the same!

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