Danielle Paige sits down with world-renowned near-death survivor, Cherie Aimée. Cherie has spoken with Dr. Oz and Megyn Kelly. On this episode she tells the unbelievable story of her unexpected illness and shocking cardiac arrest. The tale of her miraculous survival and links with her experiences crossing over. How does she use her experience? What did she learn? And how do we deal with trauma, be it our own or the trauma of those around us?  

Key Takeaways 

  • Cherie tells the story of how she got Hodgkin’s Lymphoma despite being healthy 
  • Cherie tells the extraordinary story and trauma of her cardiac arrest and death after six months of Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment. 
  • Cherie talks about how she had to learn how to tell the story of near death experience in a way that would connect with people and explains why that’s such a challenge. 
  • Cherie was unconscious and essentially dead and spent years in the afterlife before waking back up. 
  • Crossing over, the beings we meet, and looking over not only our current lives, but a life review of all our lives. 
  • Cherie talks about self mastery and learning how to co-create with the world around you. 


Cherie Aimée 

New York Presbyterian – amazing things 

Interview With Megyn Kelly 


“We all have a wound. The wound is the leaking of your most potent ability to allow the lifeforce energy to flow through your vessel.” 

“It’s not just my life force energy, it’s the life force energy. And we are the channels and whether or not we are open to allow it to flow through us. That’s where the healing of unresolved wounds, blockages, trauma [happens].” 

“We don’t like it when someone tries to control us. So when we try to control life, we start tightening our body. How can anything flow through you and when you’re so tight and restricted?” 

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