Embark on a poignant journey alongside Todd Belfer as he shares his path to sobriety, personal growth, and the profound experience of loss. Listen closely as Todd recounts the pivotal moment when his struggle with alcoholism led to a transformative decision prompted by his wife’s ultimatum during her pregnancy. Through his narrative, we witness the transformative power of community support within AA, guiding Todd to reshape his identity and spiritual beliefs, ultimately finding solace amidst the heartbreak of losing his son, Grayson.

Traverse Todd’s deeply personal stories of tragedy, healing, and spiritual awakening as he reveals how Grayson’s passing became a catalyst for familial unity and emotional resilience. Explore Todd’s insights into the enduring nature of love and the transcendent connections that bind us together. In this heartfelt exchange, delve into broader themes of grief, empathy, and the human experience, while also discovering Todd’s entrepreneurial ventures and his commitment to creating meaningful enterprises rooted in healing and compassion.

Guest Info:

​​Todd Belfer is a father of two wonderful boys and 25 years sober.  His passions include helping other men achieve freedom and joy in their lives. Todd is also an active volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters and has received national recognition for his work with AIPAC and the Holocaust Museum. He holds degrees in finance and real estate from the University of Arizona.

Todd is also the host of the The Laundry List Podcast.

Youtube: @thelaundrylistpodcast


(00:43 – 01:51) Life After Death

(10:56 – 11:52) Signs From Grayson Everywhere

(22:30 – 23:37) Deepening Connection Through Vulnerability

(26:22 – 28:14) Understanding Past Life Soul Contracts

(34:02 – 34:56) Overcoming Pain and Finding Purpose

(40:13 – 41:40) Building a Loving Relationship After Divorce

(43:16 – 44:23) Spiritual Connections and Frequencies

(52:04 – 52:49) Creating Businesses With Conscious Awareness

(59:15 – 01:00:01) Unbreakable Connection Beyond Human Life