Podcast Summary:

Embarking on life’s journey often leads to unexpected destinations, a truth exemplified by Jessica Zweig. Join me, Danielle Paige, on an expedition transcending the ordinary, Jessica’s story navigates personal struggles to entrepreneurial triumph. Our conversation reveals battles with body dysmorphia, depression, and the rise from a failed business venture to success with Simply Be Agency.

As we explore Jessica’s spiritual awakening, Egypt emerges as a pivotal backdrop. Amid ancient temples, she discovers inner power, grounded yet transformative. Sharing encounters with celestial beings, including Sekhmet and the Sphinx at dawn, Jessica illustrates how such awakenings lie within us all. Our odyssey extends beyond the pyramids, seeking cosmic understanding. Jessica imparts enlightenment on fulfillment beyond the material, guiding us to revelations of universal love and connection. This episode isn’t just a transformation tale; it’s a guiding star for those seeking purpose and the power of light.

Guest Info:

Unlock your infinite potential in every area of your life and become your own inspiration. Using the concept of Light as a tool for personal and spiritual growth, bestselling author and entrepreneur Jessica Zweig challenges readers to hit the proverbial “light switch” and illuminate their own lives. Rooted in the Pleiadian teachings of Light as “Information,” “Truth,” and “Love,” Jessica’s philosophy teaches readers to name, claim, and reframe their inner darkness in order to unlock their infinite potential and remember who they truly are.

Jessica Zweig is the founder of a multimillion-dollar business, a bestselling author, and a social media phenomenon—but her path was not an easy one. The Light Work distills the highly-evolved spiritual concepts she learned along the way into practical applications, delivered with Jessica’s signature straight-talk. How-to’s, exercises, and journal prompts interweave with Jessica’s powerful personal story to create a guidebook to a more inclusive, loving, and Light-filled life.

Within these pages lies radical self-empowerment, because—as Jessica says—when you can claim all parts of yourself (your dark and your light, your power and your shame, your sh*t and your shine), you become… unstoppable. You become the Lightworker.

Key Points:

(00:24 – 01:06) Cosmic Body Podcast Business Coach

(09:50 – 11:15) Divine Journey and Quick Book Writing

(21:36 – 23:12) Egypt

(28:33 – 29:27) Channeling Beauty Beyond Societal Standards

(33:29 – 33:45) Impact of Early Diet Obsession

(48:53 – 50:14) Discovering Purpose Through Self-Expression

(54:04 – 56:16) Live Event and Book Bonuses

(57:09 – 58:39) Community Event With Danielle and Michael

(01:00:47 – 01:01:36) Emotional Experience in Ancient Pyramid

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