EMF’s: What they do to your body, & how to protect yourself!

Your goto podcast on EMF’s For Dummies….& so much more!

This is a VERY important episode on what can be a confusing topic if you haven’t studied it for years so Brandon breaks it down for you!

On this episode of Cosmic Body podcast I interviewed Brandon Amalani, who is the Owner and President of BluShield Global USA & Shen Blossom and has over 20 years experience in the health and wellness industries.

He is a wealth of knowledge!!!

I know there are so many people that don’t understand EMF’s and how they can be harmful for you body. I get it! I wouldn’t know myself either if I didn’t go through an intense healing crisis and became so sensitive to everything around me….pssst…this is actually “normal” it’s not “normal” to be so numb to all the toxins and radiation on earth. That to me is scarier when we are so out of touch with our bodies because think about how hard it is to listen to your intuition when it’s being “blocked” by layers and layers of “noise”.

THAT is exactly why I did this episode as I want to bring this to your attention and raise your awareness so that you can learn to become more intune with your COSMIC BODY!

On this episode we talk about:

  • What EMF’s are
  • What Frequency means to your body
  • 4+1 and the Letter after F. (Yes I said that for censorship reasons)
  • What websites to use to find where the towers are
  • What other Dr’s have done research on this topic for more reading if you wish
  • How EMF’s in schools is harmful for children as their brains are more susceptible
  • Scalar waves and how they help with harmful EMF’s
  • And understanding how to protect yourself!!

I listened to this twice already! You may want to do the same!

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