From wardrobe to wellness, feeding yourself from the inside out! This is a fun and inspiring chat!! In episode 11 of Cosmic Body Podcast Bree Jacoby Founder and CEO of Bree Jacoby Inc shares her adventures as a female entrepreneur and boss as well as a behind the scenes look on how to dress for self love, your body type, your lifestyle, and how to do a real closet edit which really means how to edit old energy in your life!

Listen to what she says about being “her” today and stepping into that vibration of self love!

In this episode we talk about:

-How there is nothing wrong with your body you’re just wearing the wrong things

-Dressing for your divine feminine essence and what that means

-Step by step tips to edit your closet

-How to embrace your body no matter what season you’re in

-Self love rituals especially in the time of Quarantine

-Tips on being a powerful entrepreneur

-And more!

Disclaimer: You can wear whatever the heck you want. There are no rules! But this is here if you want to reconnect with your body and embrace it rather than hide from it which I know a lot of people do. Ps- if you want to wear baggy clothes all day every day, you do you. This is only a guide!

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