Lorie Ladd is an author, spiritual teacher, and thought leader specializing in the evolution of human consciousness. The Divine Design is a groundbreaking account of the courageous and complicated history of Earth and humanity. It is a faithful companion on this lifelong journey of embracing the power of remembrance and expressing your fullest potential. On the show we talk about so much!!

Key Takeaways are:

Lorie talks about connecting with her guides at 13, what they said, and the long path from thereto going to Mount Shasta and understanding what those messages mean and her true path.

Discussion of the energy of Machu Picchu that inspired the book about the history of Earth

Beings from 5000 years built Machu Picchu with the goal of elevating the third dimensional human consciousness in a very physical way.

We’re in a 12th dimensional grid.

Being spiritual does not mean you can’t have money or want nice things.

The importance of letting emotions pass through you and allowing your own breaking down to happen without judgment.

Living in a state of being in total emotional openness and awareness is like going down the black diamond

Lorie explains the 12th dimensional grid and how our consciousness experiments with it.

Humans and their capacity for free will led us to choose to exist within the third dimension

Being yourself authentically teaches better than telling people what to do.

Abductions with humans to learn and get in on third dimensional life & more!



Instagram: lorie_ladd

Book: The Divine Design by Lorie Ladd