In this enlightening episode of the Cosmic Body Podcast, body therapist Edan Harari shares his extraordinary journey from battling manic episodes and cluster headaches to becoming a pioneer in holistic healing. He discusses how traumas can get trapped in our bodies and the transformative power of practices such as yoga, orthobionomy, myofascial release, and somatic touch therapy to address these imprints for profound healing. Through his unique practice that combines over seven modalities, Edan reveals the deep interconnection between physical pain and emotional trauma, emphasizing the necessity of treating them holistically for effective relief.

The episode delves into the potential of breathwork as a gateway to trauma healing, discussing the critical role of safety and regulation during intense practices like holotropic breathwork. Edan and the host share experiences highlighting the importance of creating a supportive environment for achieving emotional and physical balance, along with the significance of post-session support. They explore various healing modalities, including Kundalini, plant medicine, and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s retreats, emphasizing the need for sensitive, individualized care when unprocessed emotions resurface. This conversation underscores the holistic approach required to treat the root causes of health issues, illustrating the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of health for sustainable healing.

Guest Info:

Edan Harari is the founder of Kinetic Body Therapy and is known for his emotional release bodywork sessions that are designed to heal the problems of the mind by working with the language of the body.

He is an authority and educator/speaker in the world of bodywork and somatic touch therapy.

As a therapeutic artist and gifted healing facilitator his sensitive touch, heightened awareness and intuitive abilities allow him to truly listen to the subtle messages of the body.

Edan’s past experiences with debilitating illnesses, disease and dysfunctions have given him the experience and capacity to work with anyone who suffers from pain or mental health issues.

Edan has been in private practice in Miami Beach & NYC as well as other parts of the world for the last 16 years mostly working one-on-one with bodywork but also teaching and group work.

In his free time, he is an athlete and movement artist and you can catch him dancing both on stages and at events, as well as slacklining, biking, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, traveling and spending time with his family and in nature.


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