From a struggling musician to a CEO, Ryan Bartlett’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. His evolution into a digital marketing whiz and the brains behind True Classic tees is a story that resonates with anyone who’s grappling with career pivots and personal growth. As I sit down with Ryan on the Cosmic Body Podcast, we reminisce about our shared history and dive into the essence of entrepreneurship, discussing how True Classic was born out of a desire to solve real-world problems rather than just sell a product. His insights are a masterclass in value creation and customer satisfaction that you won’t want to miss.

Negotiation isn’t just a skill; it’s an art form that can shape the future of a business. In our vibrant discussion, Ryan and I unpack the strategies that can turn the tables in your favor with vendors, and how simplifying your business processes can result in monumental gains. We talk about streamlining from the ground up, shedding light on the nuanced decisions that can refine a company’s user experience and conversion rates. For those eager to sharpen their business acumen, this episode is a treasure trove of actionable wisdom.

Wrapping up, we delve into the indispensable role of emotional intelligence and objectivity in the cutthroat business landscape. Reflecting on the transformative power of customer perspective and adaptability, Ryan and I explore how staying grounded and looking beyond oneself can lead to not just business success but also a gratifying journey of philanthropy. From balancing the demands of work and family to the profound personal growth that comes with the entrepreneurial territory, this episode is a heartfelt reminder of the joy that comes from leadership, authenticity, and the act of giving back. Join us for this inspiring conversation that will ignite your passion for making a difference through your professional and personal endeavors.

Key Points:

(05:33 – 06:38) Creating Affordable Premium Quality Clothing

(23:40 – 24:27) Life Lessons and Business Insights

(29:25 – 30:39) Power of Curiosity in Innovation

(32:48 – 34:30) Moving the Needle in Business Operations

(40:36 – 42:09) Communicating Honestly in Meetings

(46:32 – 47:15) Leadership and Giving Back

(50:08 – 51:11) Teacher Wish list Payoff Success

(57:48 – 59:39) Impact of Giving and Balancing Life

(01:01:10 – 01:02:36) Value of Quality Time With Family

(01:05:12 – 01:06:02) Recognizing Personal Growth and Potential


Ryan Bartlett

True Classics

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