I’m so happy to interview @drtommyjohn, a medical freedom activist! Join us as we have a causal talk on all things connected to evolving your soul! ⁣⁣

On this episode we discuss: ⁣⁣

-8 essentials of conscious living ⁣⁣

-His birth chart ⁣⁣

-Why the body loves simple and ancient when it’s healing ⁣⁣

-Planning your life with intention⁣⁣

-Daily rituals⁣⁣

-How to not have a bad day ⁣⁣

-Relationships – What if they were just experienced rather than always trying to force it to be something? ⁣⁣

-The current awakening that’s happening ⁣⁣

-How to be your authentic self ⁣⁣

-His North node in libra ⁣⁣

-The new wave of energy coming in⁣⁣

-More about Aquarius energy that we’re moving into ⁣⁣

-His surprising answer for what instrument would his body be! ⁣⁣

And more!! ⁣⁣

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Show notes: ⁣⁣

-Dr. Tommy John info:⁣⁣

Website: http://healthfreedomforhumanity.org⁣⁣

-Blushield EMF device:⁣⁣

Use code: cosmicbody for 10% off ⁣⁣

Link: https://www.blushield-us.com/?ref=66⁣⁣

Also found at link in bio on @iamdaniellepaige and website. ⁣⁣

-2021 Astrology forecast + meditation + reflective journal. ⁣(also at link in bio on @iamdaniellepaige)