The full moon in watery Pisces peaks tomorrow morning (Saturday, August 29th) at 11:35 am pst but I know you can already feel it.

There have been tears coming down my face this morning and not because there is anything wrong, simply because I (just like you) can sense the beauty and gentle grace of the universal energy in the air.

Yes, The tides are changing.

Can you feel it in your soul?

We are about to turn.

The energy is abundant and it’s growing as the moon waxes to her full feminine light.

Change is upon us but first we embrace the dance and magic of the full moon.

We embrace this full moon in Pisces as it’s vibrating through every cell of our being.

The currents…the tides…your emotions….they are all in sync with the moon and as this full moon delivers her light we embrace all that is for we are all connected to the divine.

This full moon teaches us to have faith and trust in our hearts and deepest desires, to imagine the life that we want while not being blind to the fact that we must not get swept away in our own illusions and delusions.

As a creative being you are gifted with energy of being highly sensitive and highly intuitive. It is a gift even when it may feel like a curse. Even when you may get overwhelmed by the currents and the aching of your soul, it is a gift – for you my dear, are a gift indeed.

YOU have what no one else does and because of that you must not search outside, you must not compare, you must not fall victim to your own illusions, grief, and guilt, rather you must allow yourself to be truly connected to all that is and let it be what it may.

For there is no push or pull that will create the magic in which the divine is already working.

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