Happy NEW MOON In Cancer

The new moon is exact at 6:24 pm pst/24 degrees of Cancer

This means if you have planets of points around 24 degrees of Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer you will be feeling it with some extra love this time!

So, let’s get down to business here and discuss the emotions that are going on right now (side note, be thankful this is not a full moon because you’d probably be going ape shit right about now).

Who me?

Yes you, me, and the kitchen sink!

What is a new moon?

A new moon occurs when the masculine and feminine energies unite as one!

Awww….Cue my wedding Pinterest boards.

So when these 2 beauties unite it’s time to rock!

BUT I’m going to share with you something that is not always talked about with new moons. You hear the term new moon and the next thing you know the monkeys (myself included!) are all swinging from the chandeliers.

That’s part of the problemo.

You see, new moons ARE a good time to initiate and start something new, however, (And yes, I’m always a little practical as I have Saturn squaring my sun!)

But yes they are, however, the energy around new moons is also very wobbly. Meaning, it’s like a child learning to walk for the first time. There are going to be some moments when you fall on your bum for sure because it’s new and often you think you know what you’re doing but you have no idea.

Right? Right.

However, that’s the point of life. So don’t get too worried about it, it’s important to bring up as I like to be practical and realistic as much as possible.

Ok, let’s get to the good shit already!

Cancer is a sign that is 100% connected to emotions. Hands down!

It’s ruled by the moon so that should give us an indication of what the energy is all about. Just as the waves come and go, so to do the emotions and the feelings.

They ebb and flow, they toss and turn, they wax and wane….so don’t be surprised if over the past couple days and in the days coming you’re FEELING some “things” that you haven’t felt in a while.

We’ve also had some other intense aspects that are amping this up so….

1) No, you’re not crazy
2) This week has been action packed

What’s so interesting about this new moon and an opportunity to shake up some old and stagnant Karma is that this new moon is making a square (which means its activating) Uranus.

The quandary: Uranus wants to break free from the past and Cancer and the moon LIVE in the past.

Good times.

Pretty interesting dynamic which could be why you’re feeling the need to do something different, take a leap, or change things up but the comfort of staying where you’re at could be holding you back….it’s safe, it’s warm…it’s secure…my gosh, it sounds like you could be in the womb?!

Ah yes. Cancer is known to retreat back to the safety of the womb aka comfort zone from time to time.

It’s OK to go in for rest as long as you come out to say hi to the rest of the world.
(If you’re a Cancer sun or moon, you knowwwww what I’m talking about!)

Part 2 of why this new moon is so interesting and how its breaking up karma is because as I mentioned above Uranus is all about the NEW whereas the moon carries energy from the past with it….

I’m talking the past as in this lifetime as well as past lives.

The moon is the storehouse for allllllllllll the memories conscious AND unconscious that your soul has participated in.

The whole kit and caboodle!

Have a strange phobia that no one can figure out where it came from?
Have a irrational or strongly rational love for a certain time frame, style, or era and have no clue why?

Ahhh memories of the past stored deep down in your Physical body (cellular memory) and emotional body.

Yup, there’s a reason for it all. Don’t ever discount a FEELING you have because even if you can’t place it in this lifetime I guarantee your soul needs and wants some sort of validation of it in order to release it.

It happened at some point in “time”. Remember, there’s more to this life than what you experience with your physical senses…..(more on that another time!)

Moving forward….just as Uranus wants us to do!

New Moon Activity

Here’s a question to ask yourself.

If I didn’t have ANY fear, what would I be doing differently?

Take a minute and think about it and write it down

(Jeopardy music……)

Here are some more questions to help assist you:

How does that FEEL?

How does that look?

How does it sound?

What does it mean for you and your emotional health?

Now, how different would your life be?

Again, get to the place of happiness.

By now you should be smiling because you’re sitting in the vibration of something that you haven’t been able to do before.

Freedom right?

Yup, that’s good ole Uranus doing his wild thing!

So for now, as the energy of the new moon will be potent for the next couple of days. Think about how you want to co-direct this new moon cycle with the Universe.

You have from now until the next new moon on August 14th to shake things up, break out of your old patterns, and find more emotional security in YOURSELF than you ever thought possible.

Sure, there may be tears…or rather there may be a tsunami that comes out!

(Don’t worry your angels have your wetsuit ready)

So, allow them ALL to flow.

Do not judge them on the way out.

Be kind and gentle with yourself. Think about it, you’ve worked hard for those tears, say thank you for releasing as they’re clearing energy that would have otherwise been trapped in your body.

Get excited because this new moon cycle wants to assist you in getting closer to new surprises (Uranus) that await you.

And trust that you’re making space now for the miracles that ARE your divine birthright.

Love and light to you on this vibrant new moon!

ps- Tell me how you’re feeling! Comment below and let me know!