On the spiritual journey….

One reason why the spiritual journey is so hard…

….Because people want answers that make sense to them right NOW.

Most of what is happening doesn’t make sense to the logical part of the brain that wants to define it.

We as humans try to control, try to compartmentalize, try to make sense from our current state of consciousness…but it doesn’t work that way.

Look back 5 years ago, look at the part of you that didn’t understand and was so confused. If she knew what you know now she still probably wouldn’t have accepted it.

She most likely wasn’t able to see that large of a picture back then.

So let it be and accept where you are at.

Please understand that the journey is unique to everyone. Some struggle for years, some move through it quickly, some are stuck, some feel physical pain coupled with emotional pain, some stop there, some keep going, some don’t look at their wounds at all.

Everyone is unique and that decision is based on so many factors….karma, conditioning, nurturing, fears, emotions, limited beliefs, ancestry, free will etc etc.

So sometimes you want answers that you just can’t have. You are navigating a world that is emotional not physical, you are swimming deep in the seas of the subconscious, you are playing with layers and layers of dimensions and souls and spirits.

There is only ONE thing that was consistent on my journey and the journey of everyone I help….you must surrender the way you thought it should be or how it should show up or be and allow for something so much greater.

Surrender does NOT mean settling. It means moving out of your way to realize that you are a co-creator of course, but you can only co-create for the highest good when you fully understand what your highest good truly is.

I teach woman to surrender into love, not fall victim to it or their journey.

It’s rough, I know. I wouldn’t go back and redo my early to mid 30’s for anything in the world, but there is always light on the other side you just have to let go of when that light will shine.


The Universe is pulling back the layers of false conditioning so you can access your true inner light with ease.

You have no idea who you are here to “become” because you need to let go of the old self first.

It’s all how it’s supposed to be.

Yes, we write our story and it can, and does, change daily but on a deeper level, your soul already truly knows what you are going to do.

In fact your soul has so much belief in you already, but can you match that belief with yourself as well, even if you don’t know the exact plan?

That is true self love. Not the popular version that gets shared around but the real story of self love….because in the end we came here to write our own love stories – the actors are extra and they add to the plot which makes it even more grand.

Enjoy the adventures and the juiciness of life and love in the third dimension, for it’s a novel that is truly one of a kind.

Photo Credit: Slime Sunday