Plenty to celebrate tonight (February 9th) with a NEW MOON at 22 degrees of Aquarius as well as the start of the Chinese New year – the year of the water snake. The snake is the archetype for the sacred feminine, wisdom, healing, and transformation!  It’s time to activate the parts of yourself that have lain dormant for some time now – your Kundalini…your Shakti…is just waiting to rise to greatness! Enlightenment is the theme for this year and it starts today with the new moon!

Since this new moon falls in Aquarius it carries with it themes of friendship, groups, networking, and also staying true to what makes you, YOU. It’s about finding and tapping into your authentic self however quirky or unorthodox that may be – bring it out and share it with the group…it’s time!

As with all new moons it’s a great time as you can guess to start something….NEW! If you wish, take a moment today to set an intention for something that you desire in your life. Envision it, FEEL it, and then let it go with the knowing that it will show up in your life in divine timing. In the meantime a practical way to apply your intention is to do something different ….try something NEW that will bring your desires closer to fruition.

All in all this new moon and the start of the Chinese New Year symbolize the awakening of your true, authentic self…a rebirth…a shedding of your skin so that you can finally emerge and be all that you are meant to be. Trust me when I say that your soul is thanking you on so many levels!

Women, embrace your beautiful Goddess within. Men, embrace and cherish the scared feminine in every woman you meet. On a whole, our society has temporarily forgotten this divine love in ourselves and in others – it’s time to get back to respecting the feminine. A confident, an enlightened man knows how powerful, sexy, and wise the feminine is and embraces that on all levels of his being…and for that we thank you!