Ok, let’s get to it and dive into the 2 big energies we have going on…

1) New moon at 26 degrees of Taurus. Exact last night (5-17-15) at 9:13 pm pst (Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. The energy is actually still very potent for another 48 hrs. I got you!)
2) Mercury goes retrograde at 13 degrees of Gemini today until June 11th (where he will end up at 4 degrees of Gemini)

So, I know during a new moon the current craze is to write down your intentions, yada yada yada…and while this is ALWAYS a good idea because it gets your thoughts out of our head and onto paper or computer where you can then take action steps to move closer them, this new moon energy is singing a different song…pun intended….read on…

Disclaimer, regardless of what I say if you feel inspired to write down intentions please do so. It’s not like a monster is going to come out and eat your paper and tell you no. 🙂

However, this new moon coincides with Mercury going retrograde and we can’t ignore the timing of these 2 things. As timing is everything in life!

This new moon occurs in Taurus which represents stability, security, building, sustaining, and finding the value in something.

Taurus doesn’t always reinvent the wheel because the energy is too busy making sure something lasts. The theme of Taurus which applies to everyone even if you aren’t a Taurus is slow and steady wins the race. Taurus is the rock that makes sure everything is held together so that it can last.

Now let’s throw a little Mercury Retro in Gemini into the mix…

This is a very different energy. Mercury in Gemini is fast, clever, little tricky, witty, and intelligent. It’s about new ideas and the more the merrier! Mercury in Gemini doesn’t stay on any 1 subject for too long because its motto is onto the next before I gets bored….unlike Taurus who can sit in the same spot for hours on end just to make sure everything is “safe”.


(Oh yes, I know this energy well….says the Taurus… begrudgingly ….or is it due to my inherent stubbornness…either one can apply here). Yup!

BUT mercury going retrograde in Gemini is about going “back” and redoing, rethinking, recreating, reevaluating, re re re re re re re reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, yup redoing the ideas that are in the picture right now.

So for this new moon it’s more about looking where you’re at right now and instead of creating new ideas to move forward, a great way to harness this energy is to look at what needs fixing right now and work to secure (Taurus key word) those ideas (Gemini) so that they can either be tossed, reinvented, or rolled over into something more efficient.

The big theme here is communication!

Every sign in the zodiac rules a part of the body and Taurus rules the throat. (Let’s keep that thought for a minute).

While Gemini rules the nervous system, lungs, and hands (Gemini’s are usually very good with their hands!) Gemini’s ruler is Mercury which rules communication.

Do you see where the energy is directing us?

I can’t make this stuff up people….

We are diving deep into some serious throat chakra cleansing right now.

During mercury retrograde ideas WILL come up, and that’s great. But lots of other stuff will come up as well. Don’t be surprised if you have or get a sore throat, dryness, coughing, etc. This is all part of cleansing your throat chakra.


The human body is a beautiful machine and since it’s linked directly to our energy body and our energy body is linked directly to the matrix of the Universe whenever we are working on something consciously or subconsciously we will feel it in our bodies.


Many of you ask about chakras and which chakras are off or need help. Not everyone can look at someone and tell which need “help” BUT you can observe your body and LISTEN to the energy.

What is it telling you?

What parts of your body need some extra love?

If you listen, you will hear it.

If you drop into your heart, you will feel it.

You know your body better than anyone else. TRUST your intuition.

Back to the throat chakra…

For this new moon a good and timely activity would be to write down all the things that are stuck in your mind. Write down all the things that are lingering that you know you need to get done.

Those can literally be tasks or they can be conversations or behavioral changes that need to be changed.

What are they?

THIS is your new moon list this time around.

Write down anything that needs to be REvisited.

Of course if you get new ideas, write them down! Mercury Retrograde is a fabulous time of intuition where the channels are open and wisdom drops in. Embrace that because that WILL happen as well.

The key is not to jump on everything all at once because you begin to see things differently during MR which is great but what is also true is it might not always apply when Mercury goes direct as well.

So make your list of intentions or ideas that you have been meaning to revisit and revise and tap into the Taurus energy of stability, structure, patience, and focus to create new avenues for these ideas.

The ruler of Taurus is Venus and besides love and money Venus energy is about self-worth and YOUR values, meaning, what are YOUR gifts, what do YOU bring to the table? How can YOU use YOUR God given talents and abilities to create more beauty and harmony (Venus) in your life?

Venus is currently in the sign of Cancer where she is all about the things of the past. Nostalgia is a key word for Venus in Cancer so this makes it quite easy for you to revisit themes, ideas, intentions, and goals of the past.

This time around the key is to COMMUNICATE them in a different way.

Tips to balance your throat chakra:
1) Sing
2) Chant
3) Visualize blue flowing into your throat and cleansing out any old stagnant energy and replace it with new energy
4) Gently and I mean gently massage your throat to move energy
5) Practice communicating in a different way. If you always shut down, do your best to open up and say at least one thing that is from your heart. If you always lash out at people, do your best to breathe then calmly and maturely speak your mind from your heart not your anger.
6) Smile….it helps everything!

Still not sure what Mercury Retrograde really means? I got you covered!

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Much love,
ps- Ex’s like to show back up during MR…just a heads up! 😉

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