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New Moon

Today, August 25th, we have a new moon at 2 degrees of Virgo.

Virgo is an earth sign so that means we ground ourselves with our root chakra, use the powerful will of our solar plexus (virgo rules the intestines) to bring our desires down from the heavens (Neptune opposes this new moon) and bring it into our heart where all the chakras meet to manifest in the physical world. 

A new moon is when the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign and they are working as a team.

The energy is in harmony – the masculine (sun) and feminine (moon) are fused and ready to “take on the world” together before the moon begins to move away and interact with other planets.

Virgo is the archetype of craftsmanship, skill, and perfection (ideally in a healing and effective way vs. an obsessive way).

We have gracefully moved out of the leadership and expressive role of Leo and into the more detail oriented, precise, and “Mr/Mrs fix-it” role of Virgo.

This brings us to a space where we can use the creative genius that we gathered (in Leo) and apply it into practical form (Virgo) to help heal and serve others.

Ask, how can you be of service? Not only to yourself, but to others as well?

Wait… before we go on…let me read your mind…

“Why is this important to me if I’m not a Virgo?”

Great question.

Here you go…

New moons are new beginnings; they are times of potent energy for manifesting and planting seeds for what’s to come.

With that being said, I have to tell you a little something since I’m always honest with you and I tell it like it is.

Everything I said is true, however, there seems to be a slight misconception going around on the internet (no big deal, only 80 gazillion people are reading it…again nbd….)

Let me explain…

Have you ever wondered why you’ve set intentions for every new moon or prayed so hard and begged and begged (and maybe begged?) the Universe for your “new moon wishes” to come true and still here you are….

…no brand new Mercedes with a trunk full of cash sitting in your driveway with sexy (and did I mention emotionally available?!) Italian supermodel hunk of a man in tow ready to whisk you away on a dream vacation.

For the record, I got this information from a “friend” it had nothing to do with me….

…as she {meaning Danielle} whistles and look around….


The point is so many people are out there saying; say your new moon wishes and all will come true.

Now, not that I’m here to be a Debbie Downer but I am here to ground you into reality just as this New Moon in Virgo is calling for you to do.

New Moons ARE a time of potent energy to START new projects and to BEGIN to plant the seeds and put your ducks in a row, yadda yadda, however, people are leaving out some major things.

To begin with, how is your vibration?


Are you “wishing” these things but your actions and energy are not backing them up?

AND there is something about the timing of the Universe that again lets us know that there is something so much larger than us out there. (especially with the heavy Neptune opposition with this full moon).

The phrase, ‘timing is everything’, is powerful and true.

If new moon wishing was as simple and easy as so many people are making it out to be then we would all have everything that we want and transits (meaning timing) to your birth chart would mean nothing.

It’s like the movie the Secret. When it came out everyone was gung ho and while I DO love what it did for people and opened everyone up to a greater consciousness, The Secret leaves out major parts of manifesting.


So where do I go from here, you ask?


I do encourage you to truly begin to plant seeds for this new moon by writing down your goals for this new moon cycle. Be positive, be exited, be hopeful, and fired up!

BUT I also want you to start taking action steps to help you achieve that AND surrender the need that it has to happen right now.

Trust that whatever it is you’re manifesting it will happen in the right divine timing.

Keep your vibration high and your positivity up – you can’t manifest anything that you truly want if you’re in a negative state. This is our free will.

Again, remember action steps don’t always have to be Yang oriented. Meaning they don’t always have to be you pushing out your energy. It can be a Yin action step of realizing you need to pull back your energy rather than dissipating it and focus on receiving rather than making things happen.


Listen to your intuition this will tell you what to do or contact me for a reading for your specific birth chart.

Everyone in the world should be given a manual and blueprint for their life journey – your birth chart is the closest thing you have to it.

Read it, learn it, understand it, or have someone outside of yourself (objective viewpoints are always good!) help you truly see who you are and who you are here to become.



Now that we’ve discussed the new moon I want to bring this to your attention since it was a heavy weekend full of energy, we’ve had a lot of solar flares which can make people physically sick and emotionally drained.

We’ve also been building up to today’s Mars/Saturn conjunction that coincides with the new moon.

If you’ve been feeling frustrated, annoyed, and even feeling blocked or stuck the past couple of days there was a reason.

Mars is a planet that wants to act and to react.

Saturn says slowwwww down there and mature!

When these two planets come together it can cause a lot of frustration and make you feel like things are bottling up.

The spiritual or deeper lesson that you can learn from this is to focus in on what you want and really add some structure in your life in order to help you achieve it.

This energy can make you feel like a rock in a hard place but I actually choose to look at the positive here with the new moon and it can actually add form and structure to your intentions so that they can actually manifest in the physical world.

And hey….we kind of all want that to happen, right?

Exhibit A: I’m sure my higher self has been married already in several other dimensions but hey, higher self….not really gonna help me here on earth so let’s get this done for reals!

Pinky swear?

Ok good.

Moral: What you do right now and in the coming weeks can lay the foundation for the rest of the month and beyond.

Decide what you want, set your goals, take action, and then surrender the outcome.

Keep positive because it WILL happen when the stars align for you!

New Moon in Virgo affirmations:

I let go of finding fault with myself and others.

I release my addiction to perfection.

I affirm the wholeness of my body, mind, and spirit.

My work flows easily and productively. 

**If you’d like to understand your behavioral patterns that are holding you back, want to find your purpose, figure out your love life and so much more, book a personalized reading with me!

With love, light and always a splash of wit,

(Affirmations from Moon Signs by Donna Cunningham)