Happy New Moon in Taurus!  

Exact May 6th

12:29 pm pst

16 degrees of Taurus

Today we have a new moon upon us, however, this new moon is different for many reasons.

The first being the most talked about. We currently have 5 planets in retrograde right now. (Side note: we usually always have at least 1-2 planets retrograde because the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are very slow moving so they stay retrograde for a loooong time.

But what makes this retrograde phase even more notable is that we have 2 inner planets (mercury and mars) as well as Jupiter also in retrograde motion.

As new moons are usually times to start and to spring up, the energy right now is still asking you to set your intentions and plant your seeds, however, you must have more patience right now.

Taurus is a sign that teaches us about being slow and steady, about seeing things through to the end, about building them from the ground up, and about having a goal/focus so deep that you stay strong and connected in your core.

This new moon wants you to tap into your gifts. What are they you may be asking? But do not look outside of yourself, as you will not find it. Taurus has all the power within and knows how to turn ideas into tangible form.

That is where you are going right now.

The second part of this new moon energy is the huge grand trine in earth that is occurring at the same time.

The supportive energies of Jupiter and Pluto to the Sun, Moon, and Mercury are allowing for opportunities in MAJOR ways!

Things are starting to shift and you can see (maybe you need to squint still) but in any case, you can see some new light forming…there is something on the horizon and it has potential to be long lasting and solid (Taurus).

However, your mission right now, according to my connection to spirit (notice I didn’t say guides or higher self because this information feels like it’s literally coming down straight from source) is to allow things to build at it’s own pace WHILE you take advantage of the huge creative bursts of energy coming into your vibration. 


While you slow down and build (Taurus) you must practice the art of ALLOWING. This is huge that I am getting.

Allowing does not mean give up or not do anything. Allowing means, live your life and be where you’re at without getting in your own way.

More flow, less monkey head talk.

More happiness right now, more adventure, more living IN your body as opposed to your head.

So much more juicy YES.

Lastly, I am being guided to ask you to hone your gifts and use your talent. It’s all accessible for you right now. Don’t think so hard about what these are, simply live from your heart and act with the highest intention and then you will create miracles for yourself and others around you.

Be in the moment. Be in your body. Use your gifts. And you the unseen will then transform into something tangible.

…and just like that….you are a magician!

Love and light to you,


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